Sunday, February 28, 2010

One more sleep

Then my honey will be home. I can't wait to see her and see how much her belly has grown over the last week. Last night she said it felt like she had a basketball under her shirt!

I finally found something cool for Bubala to look at while he's having his diaper changed. I know he's going to be spending lots of time on the changing table and wanted something that was fun and stimulating for him to look at during that time. Thought about a mobile of some sort, but didn't find anything that i really like. While i was flipping through a pregnancy magazine the other day i found these. I think they look so cool and they are supposed to be removable so i can change around the setup and get new ones as the baby gets older.

I spoke to my parents today and asked when i should put in my order from good old Mothercare. There are just a few things that i want for the baby that i can't seem to find here in the States. I hope they aren't planning on bringing much clothing out with them when they come to visit as their case is sure to have lots of baby stuff in it!

We were supposed to go for massages this afternoon as part of a delayed valentines treat. I felt a little guilty going by myself, I'm sure J needs it way more than i do. I enjoyed it anyway and feel very relaxed. So relaxed that i don't really want to get back to the things i need to be doing around the house!

It's the start of another week tmrw - only a little over 11 weeks until we'll meet our little boy!

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  1. I wish I had known about those early on. So cute!