Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Good Times Are Over :(

So, you all have been hearing from the Brit Nanny who has been writing up a storm. Not bad, considering she thinks she doesn't know how to write! Well, now it is my turn. I have to start by saying that I am sitting here watching Law and Order, but really just pouting. My better half had to go back to work! It is so sad. I have gotten so used to her being home, hanging out, chatting, laughing (and selfishly) being doted on. Yes, hon, you are the best little wifey. Almost makes me want to say to you to quit your job. Well, almost! :)

We go for our next Midwives appointment tomorrow. It is fun because you get to hear the heartbeat. It is just such reassurance that everything is going well. Even though the Nanny told you my little secret of sneaking the nurse's stethoscope after hours in order to hear it for myself. hehe..Come on. You are talking to the neurotic who kept peeing on a stick for the first eight weeks, even though we had an ultrasound every week! Oh well, I guess we all have our little idiosyncracies. It really is the little things in life. I mean I was loving life today because we went to the store yesterday to get two new larger bras! It is amazing how great you feel when your boobs have room to breathe. I can only imagine what is going to happen when I am actually breastfeeding...I wonder if my boobs will be bigger than Pam Anderson's?!? Well, I know someone who probably wouldn't mind... ;p

I hope this week goes fast. It is hard to believe it is only Tuesday. It feels like it should be Friday. We are going to see Kathy Griffin in the City this Friday. I think that will be a blast! She cracks me up. Then on Sunday, I leave for Florida. I hope the weather warms up by the time I get there. It should be interesting flying on the plane. I actually had to get an aisle seat (which I deplore), knowing that I will probably have to pee a bazillion times! Hopefully won't be too uncomfortable.

Anyway, not much more to say except I am missing my honey - the best there is!! Get your bottom home soon.

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  1. As long as somebody's keeping the updates going out your blog ranks highly with me! We don't get many comments when we switch authors. Oh well, it's our blog to share right?

    Good luck with the trip.