Saturday, April 5, 2014


It looks like spring has finally arrived in our part of the world. We have had a lot of rain and a few gorgeous days thrown in here and there. The kids managed to get out and play without their coats on for a change. They spent their time making mud pies and digging for worms. 

Now that I'm only working a few days a week and N is only with me for 2 of them they have started taking his carseat out of their minivan when I'm off. Replacing it every time was starting to be a pain so I upgraded his seat for a booster with a back. It's much easier to move around and N loves it. Although the first day he was in it he asked if I was sure it was safe! He definitely looks more grown up in it and J can't wait until the summer so that she can have it in her car, she's over dealing with the old carseat. 

Transfer day is getting closer, although I'm not totally sure when it will be. I had an ultrasound and bloodwork done on Friday and the dr said that I'm getting close, with it possibly being the start of next week. Our nurse gave us 2 dates to choose from 4/15 or 4/19. We picked the 19th because its a Saturday, J won't need to take off from work and my guys will be in Florida for Easter. I'm a little confused as to how we can pick the date as I thought it was based on my body, not the calendar. At this point I am letting go and trusting that they know what they are doing. After all they do it all the time!!