Friday, September 26, 2014

Pregnancy brain!

I've had a major case of pregnancy brain. Last week  I took the big boy to soccer and left the van door open for the whole hour and fifteen minutes we were there! Luckily it's a pretty safe community so it wasn't that big a deal and I was fully prepared to blame it on one of the kids ;-) 

Yesterday I lost 2 of the 3 dogs at work. I let them out, checked on them after 10 mins and they had disappeared, which often happens. So I decided to wait longer to see of they showed up ( like they usually do). Well I forgot about them and didn't go and look for them for an hr. 

I often ask the kids questions and forget the answers right after they tell them to me! I'm finding that I have to write myself notes to remind me of things which I'm so not used too. 

I'm staying at work this weekend and have managed to keep track of the dogs and kids so far.  I'm definitely looking forward to getting to sleep in my own bed tonight. The woman I work with was telling me to take lots of pics of the bump, which I haven't been doing. So here's one I just took at 26 wks! We have to find time to work on the nursery. I thought we would get to it over the summer, but it didn't happen. Guess that's what happens when you have your second (and third)! All we really need to do is get another infant car seat, diapers and wash N's newborn stuff, which we probably have enough of for both babies. Our neighbor has also given us a bunch of her daughter's hand downs so our baby girl won't be totally dressed in blue! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I ended up working a whole lot more this summer than I had expected. The family usually leaves at the end of June and doesn't come back until September. Not sure exactly what kept them here this year, but they were only gone for 4 or 5 weeks in the end. It was great for my bank balance and meant N had his best buddy to play with. Having to get up and out probably helped with my morning sickness too. I couldn't hang around felling sorry for myself. I had to find ways to stay on top of it or failing that throw up and keep going. 

Since getting back to work at the end of August my boss finally asked what my plan is and when I think I'll be done with work. I had originally hoped to stay until Thanks Giving but at a recent mw appt she told me to stop work at 30 wks. That works out to be Halloween, which is just around the corner!! I have to admit that I'm surprised by my mixed feelings about giving up work. I've been here 7.5 yrs and am quite attached to the kids and although I know I will be busy at home I think I'm going to miss going to work and contributing to our household income. 

The big boy is obsessed with my belly he is always asking if the babies are moving or kicking. If we are sat together he has his hands or head on my bump. He's asked a bunch of times if he can come to the hospital after the babies are born. I don't think his proxy sibling status will get him in tho! Hopefully whoever takes over from me will bring him over to see them. 
Just the other day he said to me 'you won't ever leave me, right?' Talk about tugging at the heart strings! I've mentioned to both him and N that we will be staying home after the babies come and it didn't go down well with either boy. N cried and it just made the big boy extra clingy! 

My boss has contacted an agency to help her look for someone else. Instead of having 2 of us like she does now, she is looking for one person who can be both her PA and take care of the kids too. I think it will be a lot for one person and they will still need help - thanks to their crazy schedule. But I hope they find someone by the end of Oct so we can start the transition. 

For some crazy reason I've been working 5, 6 or 7 days a week. Without really talking to me my boss decided to give me all the hours I want before I leave. Luckily I'm feeling pretty good so it's working out fine for now, but I know J is worried about me over doing it. I figure I'll make the most of it while I can and reassess it if it gets to be too much. The only down side is that we don't have time to see any friends. Most of his friends are in morning preschool and now he's in the afternoon we can't squeeze any play dates in. Most mornings N sleeps til 9 and we potter around at home until its time for school. He teacher said yesterday that he seems a lot happier and has more energy this year. I'm sure it's the extra sleep!!