Friday, January 22, 2010


My boss arrived back from a night in NYC this afternoon and made a comment about everyone in the house looking tired today...maybe that's because i/we didn't get any sleep last night! Between the 2 kids that i take care of i was up every 2 hours putting one or other of them back to bed. They are both such terrible sleepers and it seems to take me twice as long as it does them to get back to sleep once I've been woken up.
I'm praying that our kid takes after his mommy and is a sleeper!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Check out our gorgeous crib! I am totally in love with it and love walking into the room and looking at it. Other than that the room is still very much serving as guest room / J's closet. It is still going to have to serve those purposes once Bubala is in there, as we need space for people to come and visit from England. But I'm working on a few ideas to make it more kid like.....
I have already been busy with a sewing machine i borrowed. We have curtains and i made a pillow with the extra material. The pillow looks super cute in the glider we picked.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am so happy to be home. It may be much colder here in NJ but it's definitely exactly where i want to be!
J totally surprised me when i got home. She put the crib together while i was gone. It is so beautiful, I love it. I'm so happy that we picked the one that we did after all the indecision on my part. I'll have to post pics soon, although it looks a little bare right now. Can't wait till our little guy is sleeping in it.
I'm totally exhausted from the traveling and non-stop working but hopefully I'll manage to catch up on some sleep now I'm back in my own bed. I don't have to listen to the baby crying or my boss singing like i did in Florida when our rooms were next to each other!
Better get back to work. I'm supposed to be signing the baby up for school in Sept and looking for a Karate class for the big girl!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm down in FL with my boss and the kids for the weekend. I hate being away from home, I miss J so much and don't enjoy working 24/7 while we're here. We have a nightly ritual of me moisturizing J's belly and i really miss that time while I'm here. The night before i came down i got to feel Bubala moving for the first time. I was just telling J that i was going to ask the midwives when we see them next week when I'll be able to feel the baby move and she took my hand and placed it on her belly and said can you feel it? And i did! It was so cool to feel these little rhythmic thumps against my hand. So cute!
In other news I finally picked a crib! I'm sure that I've been driving J mad trying to find the right one for our baby. She claims that they all look the same to her, but i think that is so not true. I've spent hours researching online, looking in stores and talking to some friends that have kids about theirs. I really didn't want one of the combination ones that seem so popular here. I can't imagine using the same bedroom furniture until the kid leaves home. Plus it won't be that long (i hope) before we need it for baby number 2. And they are so huge, it would take up at least half the room and we need to keep some of the furniture that's already in there. I narrowed it down to a couple of choices and we headed to the store to check them out. Of course we ended up with the most expensive one, more than i had originally intended to spend but i think it was a good one. The crib arrived on Thur, after i had already flown to FL, so I'm looking forward to checking it out when i get home. J says we're not allowed to set it up yet, but i can't wait till we can!
I have to confess that I'm really picky when it comes to baby stuff. Poor J, she doesn't stand a chance! I've been a nanny for a really long time . So i have some pretty strong opinions about what i like and what i don't. When we started our registry during our Christmas break i have to admit that i was pretty quick to point her in the direction of the stuff i like. I guess I'm in charge of gear and she's in charge of toys - the brighter and louder the better for J.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy New Year!

We went for our ultrasound on the 30th and man was it so much fun! Our little baby decided to be very stubborn (typical Taurus) and make things hard for us. The ultrasound lasted for over an hour, with the technician jiggling away at J's belly trying to get the baby to flip. Apparently she couldn't get all the measurements that she needed and couldn't get a good look at the legs. It was a little stressful at times as she was so intent and so quiet, but watching the baby move on the screen was so amazing. There were times when i couldn't figure out what we were seeing, but for the most part i could make it out.
J even had to take a break to drink some cold water and move around to try and get the baby to flip. It worked and when the ultrasound started again the baby had moved and finally she gave us the answer we were looking for. Everything looks great with the baby and we found out it's a boy! She printed out some nice pics for us, a couple of nice profile shots and a real cute one of his hand.

We celebrated by heading to the store and picking out some clothes. We spent a fortune picking out little outfits, but we had fun. He is certainly going to be a very well dressed kid :-)
Then we had to go see the Dr at our midwives practice as there were no appointments with any of the midwives. It's good that we are getting to see everyone at the practice, but neither of us enjoyed the visit. He went over again our decision not to do any prenatal tests, even though our records say we declined them and had us in and out really quickly. Everything looks good and that's what matters most!

Our time off is coming to an end. We're both headed back to work on Monday. It's crazy how quickly time has flown. We managed to get together with friends and spend lots of time together. I started on the curtains for the baby's room as i have a feeling this may be my last time off before the baby comes.

J's belly is really starting to grow and she's feeling the baby more and more. He really gave her a hard time after the ultrasound as he wasn't impressed with all the prodding! She's been having a hard time sleeping as she can't get comfortable, so is catching sleep while she can before she has to get back to work. She has acupuncture today, so hopefully that will help.