Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I've been such a slacker with the blog recently. I missed N's birthday (we have a 4 year old!), Mother's Day,  J's birthday and lots of other things in between.

I have to admit that pregnancy is totally kicking my butt. I used to hear about other people's morning sickness and exhaustion and think that I'd happily take it just to be pregnant. Even when my own sister was suffering with severe morning sickness I thought I would handle it so much better than her. Man was I stupid!! 
I have been suffering from pretty bad morning sickness since about 5 weeks. I was sick from the moment I got up, all day and until recently during the night too. Last week I ended up in the ER because I couldn't keep anything down and got dehydrated. For the first time in his life, we dumped poor N at our neighbors house until his grandparents could get him so that J could be with me at the hospital. The weather is beautiful here and I've been sweltering in long sleeve tops to hide my bruises from the iv. 
Anyway, I'm on 2 different medications now and the combination seems to be helping. I usually get a break during the day when I can actually eat something and hope to start gaining back the 12lbs that I've lost and then some! 

I was officially discharged from the RE the same day I ended up in the ER. It's kind of bittersweet, while its great to 'graduate' I will miss the weekly ultrasounds and checking in on the munchkins. Yep, you read that right we are having twins!! 

I won't miss getting up at 4.30 to get there on time though! Luckily after working with our nurse for 5 years now she's become a good friend and I know we can still ask her any random questions that come up. 

I also had my first OB appointment. We got to hear a heartbeat on the Doppler but at this point she said its hard to find both. Or tell the difference between the 2 of them. I scheduled my first trimester screening and look forward to seeing them on the scan. 
I was glad to hear that I have a 50% chance of a vaginal delivery. As long as the first baby is head down they will let me labour and see what happens with the second baby. Although I think it would be rough to deliver the first and still end up with a c-section for the second. One thing I've learnt is that none of this is in my control and it will work out however it's meant too. 

N now knows that I'm pregnant, but we haven't told him that it's twins yet. He seems pretty excited and asks every day to hug the baby. He frequently refers to it as a her so maybe he knows something that I don't!!