Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fever boy

It feels like my kid is never going to get back to a full (4 day) week at school again! 
School was canceled thursday and friday last week because we had well over a foot of snow. He had school on Monday and it was canceled again on Tuesday because of yet more snow and then he got sick.

He woke a lot during the night starting soon after he went to bed on tuesday and by 3.30 wednesday morning he had a raging fever. I gave him some medicine and led in his bed with him trying to convince him that sleep was really what he needed until he finally dropped off at 5. Just as J was getting up for work I was calling school and emailing his teacher to let them know he wouldn't be in. I crawled back into bed at J headed out the door   :-(   She had been home since thursday too and it was very sad to have her back at work. 
N got up at around 8.30 still feeling hot - I don't really take his temp unless I feel like it's really high as I don't like to start obsessing about the number. I gave him more medicine and he starting to complain about his ear hurting. We have been so lucky with N, I can count the number of doctor sick visits he has has on one hand, but I wondered if he had an ear infection so we headed to the drs. There his temp was 100 even, both his ears were clear and a strep culture was negative so it's just a cold. 
He is still warm this morning, so no school again. The sad thing is that today is his rescheduled valentines party at school so he has to miss that too. Luckily I sent all the valentines that he made for his friends in on Monday so they will be handed out for him and his teacher will collect his. To be honest he probably doesn't even realise there is a party, I din't talk that much about the party because the weather was not looking good last week anyway! 

There have been quite a few changes over here in the last week culminating in a whole lot of ugly crying from me over the weekend. I'm so grateful to my wonderful wife who weathered the storm with me, picked me up and held everything together while I truly lost my shit. I don't deal with change all that well, guess I like a somewhat orderly life and changes with work, vacation plans, TTC and a very willful 3 year old all at the same time threw me for a loop. I did write a post about it, but am still not sure how much of it I want to share. Cliff notes are that we have 9 frozen embies (still waiting for biopsy results on them), my hours at work have been cut, we had to move our vacation up to March and aren't doing a transfer this month. 

Monday, February 3, 2014


We finally made it home from the retrieval nearly 12 hours after we left!! When I woke up at 4am and peered out the window there was already a couple of inches on snow on the ground. J and I both showered before she headed out to clean off the car and I got N ready to leave. Despite fighting sleep until 11 sunday night he woke as I was getting him ready at 5.30 and didn't go back to sleep in the car.

It usually takes 30 mins for J to get to the clinic (40 for me!) and thanks to the snow and slow moving traffic it took close to an hour to get there. I was amazed that we were only 15 mins late. J did such an amazing job getting us there safely. She dropped me off first and headed to our friend's house to drop N off. I checked in, signed paperwork, had my exam with the nurse and was just getting into my gown when J made it back.

The retrieval went smoothly and as I woke up the nurse had a piece of paper with the number they got on it. I usually wear contacts so had to squint to see the number and was totally surprised to see 29!! I was in some pain so they gave me some meds in my iv and I took Tylenol. Then before I knew it I was being fed cookies and soda, being walked to the bathroom and getting my discharge instructions. 

We made the 5 minute drive to our friend's house and decided on the way there that we were going to have to stay there for a while. The roads were so bad and the snow was coming down pretty fast. My friend had made up a spot on her couch for me and I hung out watching the kids (N plus her 3) play. J had to venture out again to get some painkillers for me as my friend didn't have any. 

J was such a trooper. She drove in some pretty horrible weather and ended up shoveling our friends driveway so we could go home. Then she had to shovel our driveway once we made it home! 

We sure got lots of snow! 

On Tuesday we heard that 25 of the eggs were mature and 20 of those fertilized. We won't get another update until the 9th when they pgd and freeze them. 

J took off work yesterday and we have a snow day today and I'm so grateful that she's home. Monday was rough, yesterday was better but I was definitely moving slowly and today is pretty bad.  I'm feeling bloated, but the hardest thing is that I feel like there is a band around my lower ribs. It's hard to get a deep breath. My ovaries also hurt more today than they did yesterday. I think I probably have mild OHSS and I'm trying to keep it at bay with lots of salty food,  keeping my fluid intake up and taking Tylenol every 4 hrs. I'm no longer sad that we aren't doing a fresh transfer as I think my body needs a break. I am also no longer sure about the homebirth that I always wanted. Think being knocked out is the way to go!!! Lol 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Almost there!

I gave myself the trigger shot at 8pm last night. Retrieval is scheduled for 8am tmrw! We ended up with the super early slot, which means an early start for all of us. I have to be there at 6.30 so we will be leaving at 5.30 and dropping N off with a friend at 6.15!

We are under a winter storm watch for tmrw so that should add to the fun too! Luckily for me J gets to do the driving in the snow. We are hoping to be done and on our way home before the worst of the snow sets in. Maybe the early start will mean that we all get naps in the afternoon!

At my ultrasound this morning I counted 28 follicles while the Dr was measuring them and there were 11 more that were too small to measure. I asked him if they would be taking all of them out and he said yes. I'm pretty sure that some of them are not mature enough to use, but I'm hoping for a good number.

I'm happy to be getting a break from the shots and daily blood draws. I was starting to feel like a pin cushion and beginning to get some good bruises! There is one nurse that I've been trying to avoid when it comes to blood draws. She is great at taking the blood quickly and doesn't hurt, but she is a little tape happy after, she practically tapes up my whole arm. When you have as much arm hair as I do taking that tape off is like waxing your arms.!