Sunday, February 2, 2014

Almost there!

I gave myself the trigger shot at 8pm last night. Retrieval is scheduled for 8am tmrw! We ended up with the super early slot, which means an early start for all of us. I have to be there at 6.30 so we will be leaving at 5.30 and dropping N off with a friend at 6.15!

We are under a winter storm watch for tmrw so that should add to the fun too! Luckily for me J gets to do the driving in the snow. We are hoping to be done and on our way home before the worst of the snow sets in. Maybe the early start will mean that we all get naps in the afternoon!

At my ultrasound this morning I counted 28 follicles while the Dr was measuring them and there were 11 more that were too small to measure. I asked him if they would be taking all of them out and he said yes. I'm pretty sure that some of them are not mature enough to use, but I'm hoping for a good number.

I'm happy to be getting a break from the shots and daily blood draws. I was starting to feel like a pin cushion and beginning to get some good bruises! There is one nurse that I've been trying to avoid when it comes to blood draws. She is great at taking the blood quickly and doesn't hurt, but she is a little tape happy after, she practically tapes up my whole arm. When you have as much arm hair as I do taking that tape off is like waxing your arms.! 


  1. Holy follies!!! Look at you, egg making superstar! In the home stretch...waiting patiently for the update :)