Monday, February 3, 2014


We finally made it home from the retrieval nearly 12 hours after we left!! When I woke up at 4am and peered out the window there was already a couple of inches on snow on the ground. J and I both showered before she headed out to clean off the car and I got N ready to leave. Despite fighting sleep until 11 sunday night he woke as I was getting him ready at 5.30 and didn't go back to sleep in the car.

It usually takes 30 mins for J to get to the clinic (40 for me!) and thanks to the snow and slow moving traffic it took close to an hour to get there. I was amazed that we were only 15 mins late. J did such an amazing job getting us there safely. She dropped me off first and headed to our friend's house to drop N off. I checked in, signed paperwork, had my exam with the nurse and was just getting into my gown when J made it back.

The retrieval went smoothly and as I woke up the nurse had a piece of paper with the number they got on it. I usually wear contacts so had to squint to see the number and was totally surprised to see 29!! I was in some pain so they gave me some meds in my iv and I took Tylenol. Then before I knew it I was being fed cookies and soda, being walked to the bathroom and getting my discharge instructions. 

We made the 5 minute drive to our friend's house and decided on the way there that we were going to have to stay there for a while. The roads were so bad and the snow was coming down pretty fast. My friend had made up a spot on her couch for me and I hung out watching the kids (N plus her 3) play. J had to venture out again to get some painkillers for me as my friend didn't have any. 

J was such a trooper. She drove in some pretty horrible weather and ended up shoveling our friends driveway so we could go home. Then she had to shovel our driveway once we made it home! 

We sure got lots of snow! 

On Tuesday we heard that 25 of the eggs were mature and 20 of those fertilized. We won't get another update until the 9th when they pgd and freeze them. 

J took off work yesterday and we have a snow day today and I'm so grateful that she's home. Monday was rough, yesterday was better but I was definitely moving slowly and today is pretty bad.  I'm feeling bloated, but the hardest thing is that I feel like there is a band around my lower ribs. It's hard to get a deep breath. My ovaries also hurt more today than they did yesterday. I think I probably have mild OHSS and I'm trying to keep it at bay with lots of salty food,  keeping my fluid intake up and taking Tylenol every 4 hrs. I'm no longer sad that we aren't doing a fresh transfer as I think my body needs a break. I am also no longer sure about the homebirth that I always wanted. Think being knocked out is the way to go!!! Lol 


  1. Sorry for the achy :( Such AWESOME numbers though. Little prize hen!

    Homebirth...yeah, nay. We considered it for a bit and then one of our friends lost their full-term son during one and that ended that. At least in the hospital there is a fighting chance for baby and mom. And yes, I know that ideology is not popular in today's all natural everything society. In the end, healthy baby and healthy mom is all that matters. Waiting for the next TTC update :)