Sunday, February 28, 2010

One more sleep

Then my honey will be home. I can't wait to see her and see how much her belly has grown over the last week. Last night she said it felt like she had a basketball under her shirt!

I finally found something cool for Bubala to look at while he's having his diaper changed. I know he's going to be spending lots of time on the changing table and wanted something that was fun and stimulating for him to look at during that time. Thought about a mobile of some sort, but didn't find anything that i really like. While i was flipping through a pregnancy magazine the other day i found these. I think they look so cool and they are supposed to be removable so i can change around the setup and get new ones as the baby gets older.

I spoke to my parents today and asked when i should put in my order from good old Mothercare. There are just a few things that i want for the baby that i can't seem to find here in the States. I hope they aren't planning on bringing much clothing out with them when they come to visit as their case is sure to have lots of baby stuff in it!

We were supposed to go for massages this afternoon as part of a delayed valentines treat. I felt a little guilty going by myself, I'm sure J needs it way more than i do. I enjoyed it anyway and feel very relaxed. So relaxed that i don't really want to get back to the things i need to be doing around the house!

It's the start of another week tmrw - only a little over 11 weeks until we'll meet our little boy!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kicking Right Along

So, can ya believe we are in the third trimester babe? Time seems to be going so fast. I can't believe our little man is going to be here in like three months! So cool and exciting. Since I am stuck in south due to the stupid snow up north, I have become just like the Brit --stalking everyone's blogs and looking up everything about babies via the internet. Do you know that there is nothing that she doesn't know?!? Seriously, if you have any kind of question, she knows the answer. Just ask... Anyway, so I am looking at what to expect for the third trimester and one of the things they tell you to do is that whole business about finding some time to lie/sit down and count the kicks/movements/etc. I started cracking up because this football player or soccer player doesn't need to wait for me to sit or lay down. He is kicking up a storm. Ten kicks in an hour?! Sheesh, try ten kicks in like three minutes. I can't wait to see this little dude. He is going to come out swinging!

The bummer thing about being stuck in the south is that we are missing our first birthing class. I told the Brit to go solo, but she wasn't having it. So what if you aren't the preggie one babe? I am sure that some sweet person would have taken you under their wing, especially cuz you would've been the token girlie! Either that or you could have paired up with the instructor. Good brownie points. Coincidentally, it is probably good that we are not there. We get to miss the whole boring introduction - what are the fears, what are your concerns, what birth is really like...etc. Hey, I watch tv, plus I live with Ms. Baby Britannica, so I know the real deal. Hearing about it and living it is a different story. Birth plans, shots, eye goop, massaging unmentionable parts, things coming out of your body that I never knew existed.... Yeah, so don't need to worry about that until I am in labor, ya know!

I personally am more concerned with the kind of toys this kid will have. I am all about noisy Fisher Price things. That's only because selfishly those are things that I want to play with..hehe. Yes, I still am a kid at heart. Just saw a commercial for a toy called the Rumble and Learn Driver. It has the cool little steering wheel, a horn and lots of fun car noises. What fun! haha.. The Brit will say, "Sure we can get it hon, just keep it down at grandmas."

I know, see what happens when you are bored? So, one more day of this and back home. Never thought I would actually be craving the normalcy of the work day! Can't wait to see the Brit. Totally miss the massages, hugs and kisses! Ciao for now.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home Alone

I should be at the airport picking my love up from her trip to FL. Thanks to Mother Nature I'm home alone after finishing up a 32 hr shift at work. She changed her flight so now is not coming home until Saturday. I'm so bummed as i miss her so much. It has been snowing all day and is not supposed to stop until at least mid day tomorrow.

My boss' mom sent us a really cute outfit for the baby. She lives in FL now and i was very surprised when her assistant called to say i needed to go and pick it up. I spent some time last night looking for an appropriate thank you card. I figure we should start stocking up as we will probably have lots to send out over the coming months!

The weather today meant a snow day for the big girl that i take care of. So we've been having lots of fun at home. Her mom tried to convince me to take them to the indoor playground at 4 this afternoon, to which i thought she was nuts. Who wants to be out driving in the snow when you don't have to? Think it was because she wanted me to work late tonight. They have friends coming to dinner, but i was so ready to get home. Being stuck in the house for all that time starts to make me a little crazy! I must have been going crazy as i let the little man go to town with his chocolate pudding. He had a great time playing with it, dumping it out, squeezing it in his fingers and painting with it. Hardly any of it ended up in his mouth but i'm ok with that. Lucky we kept the mess somewhat contained and i hosed him off before his nap then attacked his highchair too.

I've had a few strange conversations regarding the baby this week. My boss is very selective about the people she tells that J and I are having a baby. She didn't tell her FIL and his wife so they were totally surprised when i told them the other day. I thought they knew so hadn't told them before now. Then my boss went on to tell a story about a gay couple who have 2 kids who are now college aged. They have a girl and a boy and apparently the girl was a tomboy and didn't have much of a female influence in the her life. And that now she has a boyfriend she has become much more feminine and they are surprised by it. She then said that it was good that we're having a boy as i won't have to deal with a daughter dating men given what she perceives is my aversion to men! Just because i'm a lesbian doesn't mean i have an aversion to men!
The following day i took the big girl to a birthday party. I was hanging out with the other moms when one that i've known for a number of years come up to me and said 'i heard your news, congratulations.' Then after she asks the due date she says to me 'i had no idea.' I'm like well we don't go around talking about it. But then she lets me know that she's not talking about the baby. More the fact that she didn't know i was gay. Well it's not like i go around broadcasting it!

We have our first child birth class on Saturday. Just hope that J will be back in time!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Good Times Are Over :(

So, you all have been hearing from the Brit Nanny who has been writing up a storm. Not bad, considering she thinks she doesn't know how to write! Well, now it is my turn. I have to start by saying that I am sitting here watching Law and Order, but really just pouting. My better half had to go back to work! It is so sad. I have gotten so used to her being home, hanging out, chatting, laughing (and selfishly) being doted on. Yes, hon, you are the best little wifey. Almost makes me want to say to you to quit your job. Well, almost! :)

We go for our next Midwives appointment tomorrow. It is fun because you get to hear the heartbeat. It is just such reassurance that everything is going well. Even though the Nanny told you my little secret of sneaking the nurse's stethoscope after hours in order to hear it for myself. hehe..Come on. You are talking to the neurotic who kept peeing on a stick for the first eight weeks, even though we had an ultrasound every week! Oh well, I guess we all have our little idiosyncracies. It really is the little things in life. I mean I was loving life today because we went to the store yesterday to get two new larger bras! It is amazing how great you feel when your boobs have room to breathe. I can only imagine what is going to happen when I am actually breastfeeding...I wonder if my boobs will be bigger than Pam Anderson's?!? Well, I know someone who probably wouldn't mind... ;p

I hope this week goes fast. It is hard to believe it is only Tuesday. It feels like it should be Friday. We are going to see Kathy Griffin in the City this Friday. I think that will be a blast! She cracks me up. Then on Sunday, I leave for Florida. I hope the weather warms up by the time I get there. It should be interesting flying on the plane. I actually had to get an aisle seat (which I deplore), knowing that I will probably have to pee a bazillion times! Hopefully won't be too uncomfortable.

Anyway, not much more to say except I am missing my honey - the best there is!! Get your bottom home soon.

Friday, February 12, 2010

pregnancy weight gain..

Not J's. She is doing so well and has hardly gained anything. But me, that's another story!
I seem to be piling on the pounds and gaining my own belly :-)
I heard the other day that the average Brit eats 30 lbs of chocolate a year. 3 times that of the average American. That is definitely true in our house! J can take it or leave it. Me on the other hand, I have such a sweet tooth. Have to admit that i don't really like American chocolate, but anything else i just can't resist!

This is probably my last day off, although i haven't heard from my boss so am not sure if they are coming back tomorrow or not. Knowing her it's possible that i could end up heading down there myself. I'm spending some time today working on our baby book. J found one online made for families just like ours, so i'm having fun adding all the information and pics.

Back to work...

For J!
I'm lucky enough to be on vacation so don't have to go back until Tuesday or Wednesday, but J headed back to school bright and early this morning. I got to potter around at home getting the laundry and cleaning out of the way before the weekend.
J got 2 snow days thanks to all the snow we got on Wednesday. It snowed non-stop all day, so much snow that J got a bonus snow day on Thursday too. We just hunkered down on Wednesday watching movies, eating some good food and taking long naps. Yesterday we ventured out a little, but mainly stayed close to home.
Now we have the weekend to look forward to. I can't remember the last time i had a full weekend off and thanks for the snow days i get even more time with my honey :-)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Business of being born

We watched Ricki Lake's documentary 'The business of being born' last night. It was very funny and somewhat scary to watch my lovely pregnant wife covering her eyes and declaring some of the deliveries to be just how does she think Bubala is going to get out of his temporary cozy little home?!

I found it to be really interesting and a little worrying. The amount of interventions scare me and it seems that it's a slippery slope. Once they start you on one drug, it's not long before another is recommended, then another. Before you know it you're being wheeled down for a c-section. I know that J and I have different ideas about what we are comfortable with. When my time comes I would totally consider a home birth with a midwife - minimal intervention in a more private, personal setting. The thought of it totally freaks her out, but i have a few years to keep working on that one ;-) She on the other hand has only a few more months to work out what she wants!

Last week we were at the midwives for our 24 week visit. It feels so great to have past that viable mark. J is doing so well and feeling great. Baby measures just right for his gestation and i love listening to his heartbeat. J has been using the stethoscope at work to check up on him, but i only get to hear him there. We always have to book visits in advance to be sure we get the appointments that work for us and we just started booking them every 2 weeks. Next week we hit the 3rd trimester! Sometimes it feels like the pregnancy lasts forever, but then when i think about being 2/3rds done already it seems to be flying by!

While we were at the midwives we signed up for the child birthing classes that they offer. We start at the end of the month and they run for 5 weeks. The final class includes a tour of the hospital, so that will be good. I'm also hoping that we'll make some friends that are due the same time as us. I already know that we're the only same sex couple on the midwives books, so we know we'll be the only ones representing.

We (or i should probably admit that it's me) are a little too organised when it comes to getting ready for the baby. We have his crib up and i just put together his dresser and it's already filled with clothes. Seriously we have more newborn clothes than he will probably ever wear! Or we won't have to worry about laundry in the first week at least :-) It looks like we are going to have 2 baby showers and i'm putting the word out that we don't want clothes - we'd love books or something from our registry. But i know most people can't resist buying cute little outfits!

The family i work for are heading back to Florida tomorrow and i get to stay home and be the housewife for a week. I can't wait to spend time at home and relax. Looks like we might get a snow day on Wednesday so J may be home for the day too. Yay!!!