Friday, February 12, 2010

pregnancy weight gain..

Not J's. She is doing so well and has hardly gained anything. But me, that's another story!
I seem to be piling on the pounds and gaining my own belly :-)
I heard the other day that the average Brit eats 30 lbs of chocolate a year. 3 times that of the average American. That is definitely true in our house! J can take it or leave it. Me on the other hand, I have such a sweet tooth. Have to admit that i don't really like American chocolate, but anything else i just can't resist!

This is probably my last day off, although i haven't heard from my boss so am not sure if they are coming back tomorrow or not. Knowing her it's possible that i could end up heading down there myself. I'm spending some time today working on our baby book. J found one online made for families just like ours, so i'm having fun adding all the information and pics.

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