Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home Alone

I should be at the airport picking my love up from her trip to FL. Thanks to Mother Nature I'm home alone after finishing up a 32 hr shift at work. She changed her flight so now is not coming home until Saturday. I'm so bummed as i miss her so much. It has been snowing all day and is not supposed to stop until at least mid day tomorrow.

My boss' mom sent us a really cute outfit for the baby. She lives in FL now and i was very surprised when her assistant called to say i needed to go and pick it up. I spent some time last night looking for an appropriate thank you card. I figure we should start stocking up as we will probably have lots to send out over the coming months!

The weather today meant a snow day for the big girl that i take care of. So we've been having lots of fun at home. Her mom tried to convince me to take them to the indoor playground at 4 this afternoon, to which i thought she was nuts. Who wants to be out driving in the snow when you don't have to? Think it was because she wanted me to work late tonight. They have friends coming to dinner, but i was so ready to get home. Being stuck in the house for all that time starts to make me a little crazy! I must have been going crazy as i let the little man go to town with his chocolate pudding. He had a great time playing with it, dumping it out, squeezing it in his fingers and painting with it. Hardly any of it ended up in his mouth but i'm ok with that. Lucky we kept the mess somewhat contained and i hosed him off before his nap then attacked his highchair too.

I've had a few strange conversations regarding the baby this week. My boss is very selective about the people she tells that J and I are having a baby. She didn't tell her FIL and his wife so they were totally surprised when i told them the other day. I thought they knew so hadn't told them before now. Then my boss went on to tell a story about a gay couple who have 2 kids who are now college aged. They have a girl and a boy and apparently the girl was a tomboy and didn't have much of a female influence in the her life. And that now she has a boyfriend she has become much more feminine and they are surprised by it. She then said that it was good that we're having a boy as i won't have to deal with a daughter dating men given what she perceives is my aversion to men! Just because i'm a lesbian doesn't mean i have an aversion to men!
The following day i took the big girl to a birthday party. I was hanging out with the other moms when one that i've known for a number of years come up to me and said 'i heard your news, congratulations.' Then after she asks the due date she says to me 'i had no idea.' I'm like well we don't go around talking about it. But then she lets me know that she's not talking about the baby. More the fact that she didn't know i was gay. Well it's not like i go around broadcasting it!

We have our first child birth class on Saturday. Just hope that J will be back in time!

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