Monday, July 27, 2009

Home again

We are finally home. Back in our little 'cottage'. I've been gone for a month and although it feels great to be home it's a little strange at the same time! I'm sure it'll take no time at all to get back into the swing of it. The sad thing is that I'll only be back for a week before I hit the road again ;-(

We spent the weekend in Plymouth for a friend's wedding. It was so much fun, the best wedding that I've been to. It was great to hang out with our friends and the bride and groom thought of everything to make sure it was a great party. How many wedding have the guests donning wigs to boogie to the eighties music?

Although the weather had been more than a little grey and rainy leading up to the big day, the day itself was gorgeous. The sun shone and it was dry.
We partied until 2 am. Can't remember the last time i did that.
It was great to catch up with everyone, especially those that traveled in from other countries to be there. We did miss those that couldn't make it, but a great time was had by all.
J got to have a drink as we are at the start of our 4th cycle. It managed to shift the attention to someone else who elected not the drink and started some raised eyebrows!

We have picked our new donor and had a great time checking out the new feature on CCB. They match donors to celebs that they look like. Thankfully we think the celeb they matched our donor with is a good looking guy, even if we don't know who he is!!!
Have started sticks and will probably insem at the end of the week. Fingers are crossed for number 4!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Quality time

I've been keeping my eye on all the blogs that are TTC this month and hoping for good outcomes for everyone and us along with them. But sadly one by one they haven't gotten the BFP results they were hoping for and neither did we.
Now we have to pick ourselves up, dust off and prepare to start over again. We have no George left so the search for our next donor has started. I find looking through all the options incredibly overwhelming. When you plug in your search criteria there are so many to look through. I want to see each and everyone, but find myself loosing track and getting them confused. Guess what i'm saying is that i've pretty much handed that task over to J. Once the list has been narrowed down and we're looking at the full profile and baby pic etc, i'm more able to get into it all.
J is going to try IUI again next cycle and then we have an appt with Dr B to talk about what our next step is.
The exciting news is that i only have 2 days left at work before my vacation starts!!!!
I'm psyched to be getting a break and even better is that J is coming to Nantucket. We are going to stay here for a few days before heading to our friend's wedding. I'm so looking forward to lots of quality time and plenty of hand holding!!! We don't have any great plans for our time here, we're just going to see what we feel like doing and of course it depends on the weather! 2 whole weeks of just the 2 of us is going to be great...tho maybe J will be sick of me by the time that's done!!
I hope the next few days fly by and that the vacation time leaves me relaxed and rejuvenated. My batteries are definitely nearly empty and need to be recharged. Being away from home for weeks on end is the toughest part of my job. The more i build my life with J the bigger the wrench leaving is. It's like a part of me is still in NJ with her and i need her by my side to really be able to feel whole again.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bootie update.

As you can see our future Boobala now has 2 booties. Still not completely sure about the size but i have time to play around with it a little more!
Had to resist the urge to ask a lady if i could try one on her new baby the other day...might have been OK if i actually knew her. But not sure how well a stranger would take that if approached at the park! Like to think i would be chilled enough to comply, but who knows.
Added a little something new just for you baby! Love you and can't wait to see you. xoxo

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Something New

Everytime I log onto this blog, I notice something new. The Brit is a team member now and that is dangerous! She is changing pictures, stats, backgrounds and everything else under the sun! Haha! It looks great cutie. I love the pics of the bootie. Can't wait until you come home. I bet you will have two perfectly sized booties for the future Boobala :)

Tomorrow morning I go for some blood work to check out the progesterone level. Hopefully it will be up there. I've been a good girl and have been taking my vitamins. I'm doing yoga (go me!) and learning how to just "be". So hard for one who constantly needs a plan. Ah, whatcha going to do. This is my first summer off since I was like 12?!?! I don't know, but you get the hint.

Oh forget to say that there were 12 million little George's in both sessions. I guess like the Brit says, you save the best for last! So let's hope that George meets Gertrude (yes, I've decided to name my egg) and they do what needs to be done. It has been a full moon after all!

Well off to let the kid in. Keeping positive. Can't wait to see ya Brit! xoxoxo

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I just realised something.....
During the 2 weeks that we are waiting for our BFP i always start a new knitting project. I'm not that great at knitting but have been giving it a go recently. Last month i started work on a hat and booties for the baby. The bootie pattern made an incredibly small bootie and i needed to rework the pattern. When we didn't get our BFP i put my knitting away again with only 1 bootie complete.

Now that i'm back to waiting again the knitting bag has come out and i've started to rework that bootie pattern again. Hopefully this time i'll get it right and we'll get the news that we'll have a baby trying them out in the spring!!!

I'm looking forward to finally getting a day off tomorrow...but i have heard that one before so we'll see. My boss is taking the baby to East Hampton so i'll be here with the child and Dad, should make for some down time for me and chance to try on some dresses for our friend's wedding.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ramblings from the Brit!

It's so funny the number of times that i have picked up the phone to call J only to get a text from her arrive just as the call is going through. Despite being up in Nantucket we are so connected it's as if she's a part of me.
I'm really hoping that will hold true tomorrow as she goes ahead with the first insem without me there. I missed the first insem last cycle because of work, but was there for the blood work, ultrasound and second insem. My fingers and toes are crossed that this cycle will work, but it will be weird to know that i wasn't there when our child was conceived.
So the agonizing two week wait will begin. Maybe it's better for her that I'm here and not there...constantly watching, looking for any sign that she may be pregnant. Trying to walk that line between being hopeful and optimistic, yet at the same time trying to prepare for another disappointment.
I know that it will happen, it just isn't in our control as the when that will be!

Happy 4th of July!

So I went to thedoctors today. No, not for insem, but to see when I am going to OV. Today is day 14 and despite all of the worrying by the Brit that we would have a truly American baby, I hadn't surged yet. What is so ironic is that in the begiining of the cycle, the right side was the active one. However, once time moves on, the left side is the one with the large follicle. Go figure. There was a good follicle on the left side this morning (21mm). It looked about ready to surge. So the doc gave me the HCG shot to help it along. I go tomorrow and Monday for insem. So fingers crossed.....

Happy 4th of July Brit! Watch out for thos fireworks! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Still Waiting

It's funny how everyone that is trying to get PG states that they live their life in two week blocks. I usually do too. Except this week, I feel like the OV sticks and the fertility monitor are my best friends. I'm living in a single day kind of mode. How quickly can day 14 get here? I wake up in the morning and have a lovely chat with the fertility monitor - what day is it today? Will you be on the first square or second? Then after inserting the stick into the monitor, I either grumble because it is so finnicky or tap my foot impatiently waiting for the five minutes so the results will display in the window.

Then it's off to work and the regular routines of the day. By the end of the day, I am looking for my second new friend, the Clearblue and Easy OV sticks. I prefer the digital because I love to see my friend smile up at me rather than try to determine the mood based on the "color" of the stick. Today is only day 11, so hopefully only 3 more days to go. I think that would be so funny to have insem on July 4th. The Brit keeps saying that that would be so American to conceive on Independence Day. Oh well honey, for baby number 2 we'll try for Boxing Day or Mother May Pole Day or I'm the Queen Day (whatever you all celebrate in the Motherland). So yes, I think I will show up at the doctors with sparklers and dressed in red, white and blue. I might as well be festive for the occasion!

I just found out that my other American friend (Mxx) who now lives in England is ten weeks pregnant! Yay! After a few bouts of IVF, it has paid off! I'm sure she is already decorating the room with all sorts of American paraphenalia. Now all she needs to do is send those baby-making vibes this way!

That's it for now. Only 18 more days until the Brit comes home! That is if THE FAMILY doesn't change their mind! Bye!