Friday, July 17, 2009

Quality time

I've been keeping my eye on all the blogs that are TTC this month and hoping for good outcomes for everyone and us along with them. But sadly one by one they haven't gotten the BFP results they were hoping for and neither did we.
Now we have to pick ourselves up, dust off and prepare to start over again. We have no George left so the search for our next donor has started. I find looking through all the options incredibly overwhelming. When you plug in your search criteria there are so many to look through. I want to see each and everyone, but find myself loosing track and getting them confused. Guess what i'm saying is that i've pretty much handed that task over to J. Once the list has been narrowed down and we're looking at the full profile and baby pic etc, i'm more able to get into it all.
J is going to try IUI again next cycle and then we have an appt with Dr B to talk about what our next step is.
The exciting news is that i only have 2 days left at work before my vacation starts!!!!
I'm psyched to be getting a break and even better is that J is coming to Nantucket. We are going to stay here for a few days before heading to our friend's wedding. I'm so looking forward to lots of quality time and plenty of hand holding!!! We don't have any great plans for our time here, we're just going to see what we feel like doing and of course it depends on the weather! 2 whole weeks of just the 2 of us is going to be great...tho maybe J will be sick of me by the time that's done!!
I hope the next few days fly by and that the vacation time leaves me relaxed and rejuvenated. My batteries are definitely nearly empty and need to be recharged. Being away from home for weeks on end is the toughest part of my job. The more i build my life with J the bigger the wrench leaving is. It's like a part of me is still in NJ with her and i need her by my side to really be able to feel whole again.

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