Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I just realised something.....
During the 2 weeks that we are waiting for our BFP i always start a new knitting project. I'm not that great at knitting but have been giving it a go recently. Last month i started work on a hat and booties for the baby. The bootie pattern made an incredibly small bootie and i needed to rework the pattern. When we didn't get our BFP i put my knitting away again with only 1 bootie complete.

Now that i'm back to waiting again the knitting bag has come out and i've started to rework that bootie pattern again. Hopefully this time i'll get it right and we'll get the news that we'll have a baby trying them out in the spring!!!

I'm looking forward to finally getting a day off tomorrow...but i have heard that one before so we'll see. My boss is taking the baby to East Hampton so i'll be here with the child and Dad, should make for some down time for me and chance to try on some dresses for our friend's wedding.

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