Sunday, October 21, 2012


We took N to Sesame place yesterday - it was packed! I think that we were there for 4 hours and N probably went on 4 rides and saw 1 show. Anyway, he still had a blast and we ran into J's BFF from college with her son so that made it even better.

N is dropping his nap, so when we left the park at 6 we hit the local mall for some dinner and hang out time before heading for home. We knew that if we tried to drive straight home he would have been out and probably wouldn't have stayed asleep once we got home. Which would have meant a very late night for one of the mommies, so the local mall was a great way to pass an hr. We even found something super fun for N to do there! As I rode down the escalator with N he saw other kids strapped into harnesses and bouncing on trampolines and N said he wanted to give it a try. I asked if he was sure and he said yes, so I took him over, thinking that he'd change his mind. J showed up just as he was being strapped into the harness - she was not so sure about my bright idea. But he loved it :-) He listened really well to the girl running it and didn't mind the height at all - braver than me for sure!