Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big boy!

We finally moved N out of his infant carrier and into his big boy car seat. That thing was getting way too heavy to lug around, even if it was a convenient way to keep him snug and warm while it's so cold out. Think he likes his new seat!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick update

It's been a very crazy couple of weeks. We are finally in our new house and starting to feel more settled. There is still so much to do, but we are mostly unpacked. Baby N's room was the first finished as I really wanted to have that ready for him to make the move easier.

Two days after we moved in my sister arrived from England. It was so good to see her, but I'm sure she didn't plan on spending so much of her holiday helping with house stuff. I dragged her to different stores and had her putting together furniture. She headed to NYC for a few days break with a friend before finishing her time here with us. Think baby N loved the extra attention, not to mention all the gifts she brought for him....and me. I'm really missing her since she went back and can't wait to see her again - maybe for baby N's big birthday bash!

We also had a major snow storm which meant a snow day for Mommy! And gave us chance to get more stuff done around the house. J also got to test out the snow blower. We all enjoyed watching from the warmth of the house, don't think I'll be volunteering for that job next time it snows.

Once the weather had gotten a little better and the sun was out we took baby N out in his sled. He seemed to love the ride, although with all the snow we had it wasn't that easy to pull. The cold didn't seem to bother him too much. It's amazing to think that next year he'll be exploring the snow under his own steam, not ours. Wonder if he'll be a crier about he cold and snow, like my current charge was until this year at 2 and a half or if he'll love it?!

Other baby N news. He's working on his crawling, mostly backwards at this point! It must be pretty frustrating to get further away from the toy you're trying to reach! He's so good at getting up from his belly to a seated position and manages to get around when his playing on the floor. He's started to sleep on his belly, but hasn't figured out the sitting up part as he's in his sleep sack.
Last night was really rough as he has a nasty cold - lots of coughing and snot. The disadvantage of having him at work with me, I guess. He was up every hour and really crying, hard to console. I ended up in the guest bed with him at 1.30 or 2. We don't usually co-sleep as it makes for not a lot of sleep for the mommies. No matter how little the kid they seem to take up lots of room. I also worry about him rolling out of the bed now that he's moving around so much. But last night I figured some sleep was better than none! I so hope that he feels better soon. Have to figure out whether or not I'm going to work tomorrow....