Saturday, November 15, 2014

33 wks and baby shower

My boss and the girls that I work with decided to have an impromptu baby shower for me the weekend before last. The invites went out late Thursday and I wasn't sure if anyone would make it on such short notice. But luckily for me most of my friends did! Usually I hate being the center of attention but it was actually a lot of fun. I got to catch up with friends I don't see often enough and felt lots of love for me and the babies. The babies were totally spoilt with gifts and N even scored a few too! Here is my 32 wk pic!

Now at 33 wks, I'm officially in my last week at work and I'm counting down the days. Some days are more of a struggle than others.  My belly is huge - at my dr appt on Thursday it measured in at more than full term for a singleton pregnancy! It's definitely slowing me down and makes me short of breath. Keeping up with the boys on a walk the other day was tough - they left me in the dust with only the dogs for company! 

The latest scan shows that baby girl is head down and baby boy breech. There is only one dr in the practice that will deliver breech and it looks like he may be on vacation when I'm due. This leaves me having to decide what I want to do - try for vagjnal delivery and hope that baby boy will or can be turned after baby girl delivers (50% chance). Or schedule a c-section. My induction date is dec 22nd so if I have a c-section the babies and I will be in hospital for Christmas. If I avoid the c-section we could be home just in time for Christmas. I can't imagine making it all the way to that date, when I'll be 38 wks. I don't think there will be room for them, so the whole Christmas thing may not be an issue anyway. I have an appt with the dr that will deliver breech before thanksgiving and I'm hoping to convince him to induce me right before he goes on vacation on dec 19th. 

We have started turning the guest room into the nursery. J moved the bed out and the cribs are in there ready to be put together. The rest of the baby gear is scattered over the house, basement and garage but I plan to get it together, start laundry and install the car seats next week. I've also started to get my hospital bag ready just in case these 2 decide to catch us by surprise :-) 

N is giving us a hard time right now and it's hard to know if it is because of his age or all the changes heading his way. He knows that we won't be at work as much after this week so leaving at the end of the day has become a real battle. He cries, hides and usually ends up being taken to car while telling me that he's not talking to me anymore or going to play with me ever again. Argh!  Last night my boss told him he could have a sleep over this weekend, but I'm pretty sure he isn't ready for that yet and neither are they! He still wakes during the night and we've been dealing with bad dreams a lot recently. I'm hoping that I can put in some serious time with him over the next few weeks and see if we can turn some of his behaviors around. 
He's excited to see his big cousin at thanksgiving and I've set up some play dates for him next week to keep him busy. We are also going to take a tour of the hospital with him so he can see where we will be when the babies come and will be familiar with it when he comes to visit us!