Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tongue tie

Baby N has been tongue tied since he was born. We went back and forth over what to do about it but the last time we saw our midwife she gave us the number of a dentist they recommend. Being tongue tied has made nursing painful for J and takes a really long time as baby N can't use his tongue properly so has to compensate with his lips. As he gets older it could cause problems with his speech development and as he can't stick out his tongue he wouldn't be able to lick an ice cream cone.
We headed to the dentist to have him assessed. The dentist took one look at him and said that he had a true tongue tie - one of the tighter ones he'd seen. So we decided to go ahead with the procedure to fix it. It wasn't easy to watch, but i think i was way more freaked by the whole thing than J or baby N. It was over quickly and J nursed him right away and felt a difference in his latch.
He has been so happy since we got it done and now has a new trick!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lazy days of summer!

This is where we spent our 4th of July weekend! Hanging by the pool at a friend's house, which has been bliss with the rising heat here. We decided not to try and make it to see any fireworks this year as it seemed like more work than it was worth.
We gave baby N a little taste of the pool, he didn't seem too impressed. Instead he spent most of the time hanging in the shade playing, napping and nursing! I'm sure he'll spend more time in the water next year and we'll probably start him in mom and baby swim lessons next spring.

I'm so happy to be able to spend my days with my family. It has been so great to spend more time with N and J. We work so well together as a team and we're all happier and more rested for it. N is starting to get into a routine and sleeping for longer periods at night, sometimes up to 6 hours which is great. He takes his naps in his big crib and always falls asleep listening to his 'music' - the blow dryer cd i ordered him. At night he still sleeps in his bassinet next to us and probably will for a while longer. We're still swaddling him for all sleeps as he seems much happier that way. I love the muslins we got for swaddling and am glad i got so many of them - we seem to go through them pretty fast some days as the double as burp cloths, blankets and car seat/stroller cover too.
We're still working on trying to get a good pic of him smiling. As soon as i grab the camera he seems to stop smiling. But it's super cute and i'm sure we will never get bored of them!
We are heading to a friend's beach house at the end of the week for our first overnight with the baby. We're staying with a couple that don't have kids yet and we're hoping that they'll be ok with the fact that we pretty much operate on baby time these days! Leaving the house is dependant on N being fed and cleaned up and sometimes cleaned up again before we make it out the door!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yesterday was my last day at work for the summer. I'm so excited to be done and get to spend so much time at home with my family!
The only bummer is that i seem to have caught a cold from the big girl that i take care of. I managed to avoid it when the little man had it, but wasn't so lucky this time. I just hope that i don't pass it on to baby N as that would be really sad.
We have lots of fun things planned for the next few weeks. I know that time is going to fly by and just want to enjoy every minute of it. We're heading to the beach next week, have a 'meet baby N' party coming up and then my family will be here to visit!