Friday, April 22, 2011

Down on the farm with the Easter bunny

We were at work yesterday and it ended up being a full day, with lots of time outside thanks to the great weather. We flew kites, rode cars and went to the playground before heading to the farm for an egg hunt with the Easter bunny.
N had a great time and called all the ponies and the bunny 'dog' - his favorite word right now. (Thanks mommy for working on that one, but we're still NOT getting a dog!)
He had his first horse and carriage ride, out to the water hazard while the big girls rode their ponies and then helped to find eggs with everyone. He ended up with 2 eggs that he thought were like the shakers from music class, so had a fun time shaking them. Luckily he didn't figure out they were filled with candy and horse treats so didn't try to open them. It was pretty windy but the perfect spring day for it. He wasn't fazed by the bunny at all and was happy to talk to the bunny and get his picture taken with him, unlike the big boy who just wanted to check him out from a 'safe' distance.

The pony club

Hunting for eggs

With the bunny and his eggs

Not sure about the headless pony

Shakers or eggs?

N loves the big kids and all the attention that he gets - with hair the color of his it's hard to go unnoticed! We did see another boy at the playground yesterday who had hair the exact same color, although he had more hair and curls! There are a few red heads in the extended family that I work for and when N and I are out with the kids people often ask if he's my boss' sister's baby.

Good Friday today meant that N got to stay home with Mommy while I worked today. The kids missed him, but it was a good day for him not to be here. I've been running around like crazy trying to get things together for their Easter party on Sunday. We baked sugar cookies, made paper mache eggs, ran errands and spent 2 hrs at the farm. No Easter bunny today and it's a lot colder than yesterday but the kids still had a good time. I'll be working tmrw too, it's strange being here without the baby and being the working parent for a change!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feeling better

It has been a really long week, but N is finally feeling better. He finally started to feel better on Thursday afternoon and we were so relieved to see him starting to act more like himself. The poor guy ate nothing from Sunday when it started until Thursday. Every time it looked like he was doing better and we offered him something it came straight back up. There were times when it was hard to keep him hydrated, at one point I was setting a timer and using a medicine dropper to get some pedialite into him. He is still not that into food, but is taking milk again and hopefully that will pick up as he feels better.

J is on vacation for the next week and I only have to work Tuesday so we are looking forward to spending lots of time together and getting lots done. First up is painting the family room. We also want to take N to the zoo, are getting family pics done and may make a visit to the Easter bunny!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stomach bug.

Saturday night the wife and I headed out for dinner for a friends birthday. N's grandparents came to watch him and he had a good time with them. He loves his grandparents, and absolutely adores his Pop. They are such great buddies and as soon as he sees his Pop he reaches for him. We had a good night but both admitted on the way home that we missed our baby and are happy that we don't go out that much and spend lots of time as a family of 3.
When we got home N was fast asleep and his Gram told us that he'd refused his milk before bed. Neither of us were that bothered as he has started to take less and less of that bottle and we knew he'd let us know when he was hungry. He slept thru to 7.30 and drank his morning bottle. That morning he was a little cranky and we thought that he's 6th tooth may be bothering him and put him down for his morning nap. He got up and ate lunch and I headed off to work. Then at 5 J called to say that he'd thrown up, which was followed by an explosive diaper.
That was just the start....he threw up multiple times that night and gave us many yucky diapers. Just when I think he's starting to get over it he throws up again. We took him into the Dr's on Monday but were not surprised to hear that it's just a bug that needs to run it's course. Yesterday he was taking milk but not food, but he threw up again at 11.30 last night, so we started again with a small milk feed this morning.
It's sad to see him feeling so bad. He just wants to be held and often falls asleep on one of us. He'll occasionally perk up for a little while and walk around the house a couple of times, before crashing again. He's been sleeping in bed with me, which is a first as he's never been a good co-sleeper and it usually resulted in none of us getting any sleep. I'm hoping that'll he'll transition back to his crib without too many problems once he's feeling better. He went down for a nap in his crib without any problems this morning, leaving me free to tackle some laundry, bake some brownie (for energy :-D) and blog!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I finally got some decent footage of our little man walking. He is doing so well and has pretty good balance for a little guy :-)