Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feeling better

It has been a really long week, but N is finally feeling better. He finally started to feel better on Thursday afternoon and we were so relieved to see him starting to act more like himself. The poor guy ate nothing from Sunday when it started until Thursday. Every time it looked like he was doing better and we offered him something it came straight back up. There were times when it was hard to keep him hydrated, at one point I was setting a timer and using a medicine dropper to get some pedialite into him. He is still not that into food, but is taking milk again and hopefully that will pick up as he feels better.

J is on vacation for the next week and I only have to work Tuesday so we are looking forward to spending lots of time together and getting lots done. First up is painting the family room. We also want to take N to the zoo, are getting family pics done and may make a visit to the Easter bunny!

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  1. Hey! Just responded to your comment, but thought I'd get you some links. Just found these,

    And I love starting by looking at etsy and flickr for ideas. Have fun!