Friday, July 11, 2014


I finished work last Thursday and as usaual I'm not sure how long I'm off for. It could be a couple of weeks, the summer or even forever. My boss isn't so good when it comes to communication, she's more of a fly by the seat of her pants kind of girl and just assumes that the rest of us are too. I guess it helps that she never has to worry about who's going to take care of her kids as she can always find someone between her 2 nannies, 1 housekeeper and a couple of teens thrown into the mix!

N is already missing his buddy and asks every day if we are going to work. Although I'm not sure if its the kids or their amazing pool that he misses the most....!

We don't have N signed up for any camps or activities this summer, which I originally thought was a great plan but am now beginning to question. I had thought I'd be feeling better by now and that he and I would be able to do lots of fun things and enjoy this time as just the 2 of us.  Even before we were done with work his bed time started creeping back and is now at 9 or 9.30 and it's taking him ages to fall asleep. Last night it was 11 before he gave up and went to sleep. On the flip side I'm loving the easy start to the morning, he's usually up at 9.30 which gives me lots of time to get myself up and together before I have to face making him breakfast! I know that if he was in camp we would have to be up and out by 8.30 and that would change our mornings considerably. It may be something we revisit after our vacation.

Right before we finished up at work I took the boys to Wild West City. It's exactly as the name suggests and probably no different than when J went there as a kid. Lots of gun toting, horse riding cowboys. Both the boys loved it, especially all the live shows that happen throughout the day. They even became sheriff deputies and helped capture the bad guys that held up the stage coach. N also tried mini golf (which did not hold his attention), went panning for gold and visited the petting zoo.

For the 4th of July we went with a large group of friends to a local parade. I think N's favorite part was seeing our neighbour in the parade, he could hardly believe it was him and kept saying 'that was my neighbor?' We lasted about an hour at the parade before it started to rain, we hung out for a while but eventually the rain got heavier and we deiced to head for the car. We made a quick stop for lunch on the way home and then N and I both took naps.

After that the weekend headed down hill for me. I came really close to going back into hospital for iv fluids. I knew that I wasn't as dehydrated as I was the last time I went in, but by the time I talked to my OB Saturday night I was starting to get worried. None of my usual tricks were working and I wasn't holding anything down, all I wanted to do was lie very still with my eyes closed. We decided that if I hand't improved by Sunday morning I would go in. But thankfully by the time I work up I was doing better, just feeling really weak. The hardest part (other than all the throwing up and pulling muscles in my stomach) is that I feel like I'm missing out on so much. J and N spent time with friends and family over the weekend and I just wasn't up to going. It's not that I want them to stay home, I'm happy for them to go and always encourage it, even though I know J feels bad about leaving me. I just wish I could go too!

This is the point where I get totally sappy and tell you what an amazing wife I have. She's been doing such a great job of holding down the fort while still working full time. If any of you work in education you know how crazy the last few weeks are. I haven't cooked, cleaned or shopped for weeks and most nights I'm in bed by 8.30 leaving her to put N to bed. I definitely couldn't survive without her and know that I'm so lucky to have her! 

Last night she said to me that she still doesn't really believe that we are having twins and I have to say that I'm right there with her. If it weren't for all the throwing up I wouldn't know that I was pregnant at all. I have a tiny belly but as a friend pointed out it just looks fat, not pregnant and I'm still 10lbs under my pre pregnancy weight. We did get a double stroller that is up in the guest room, which will eventually get turned into the babies' room, at some point! I also scored a good deal on a couple of second hand swings which I'm sure we will be using a lot!

We waited so long and went through so much to get to this point and I think we are both still nervous about relaxing and starting to believe that this is actually going to happen. Only family and friends know about the pregnancy and we were just talking about when (and how) we will be ready for a fb reveal. For me I think it will probably be once I can feel the babies and maybe after our 20wk ultrasound, even though all looked good at the 12 wk one.