Monday, May 21, 2012

2 year stats

I got to take N to his 2 year wellness check on Wednesday, usually J takes him but she had to work :-(
Poor N hates the pediatrician. He is pretty unhappy from the time we get there until we leave. The kids that I look after see the same ped, so he gets to come when I bring them and is equally unhappy even if she isn't seeing him. When we arrived the Dr asked if he had been taking lessons from the big boy, who had the same reaction until he was 3.
He weighed in at 27 lbs and 7oz, which puts him in the 50th percentile. He is 35 inches tall which makes him in the 75th percentile. She said he's long and lean, following the same curve that he's been on. The funniest question was when she asked if he's showing any interest in the potty. She is totally amazed that he's already potty trained and has been for close to 6 months. Then she asked if he's putting words together yet and N picked that moment to sadly mutter  'want to go to mine house, see mommy!'
N is definitely a little boy now and no longer a baby. He consistently counts to 5 and even made it to 13 the other day. He has started to sing his ABC's and we often overhear him singing snippets of other songs too. We have also seen him using his imagination more and more. He brings us pretend food to eat and also pretends to be a dinosaur, superman, a super monster or 'Jack nimble' from the nursery rhyme Jack be nimble. The other day in the store he said to me 'Mama, you call me super monster!'
Physically N is becoming more coordinated and showing a lot of athletic ability. He runs like crazy, jumps with 2 feet, climbs everything and loves the balance board my sister got him for his birthday. His other favorite is his t-ball set. He probably hits the ball further than I can and it looks like he's a lefty although that changes from time to time.
Not surprisingly we think he's the most amazing child ever and love him so much!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the best little guy! We were so lucky with the weather today and N had a great party with mostly family and a few friends.
I still can't believe that we have a 2 year old. If you ask N he is very sure that he's already 3 and acts like it most of the time :-)
My parents are here so we've had a very busy couple of weeks. I've definitely fallen off the blogging train but hope to jump back on soon.