Saturday, December 10, 2011

Potty Learning

We have been putting N on the potty before his bath since around his birthday and he has really started to get the hang of the whole thing. He started to tell us when he was filling his diaper and occasionally he'd pee in the potty before his bath. Then on Friday after I changed his diaper he didn't want a clean one back on, so I told him that was fine as long as he used the potty and he did! It was a good mixture of me asking and him just using it - I kept him naked for quick access. We did the same thing after his tumbling class on Saturday and he did his first poop! We were so excited and did lots of celebrating. He was a little unsure about it, but loves dumping the potty after he is done! It's so cute and we're so proud of him, but we're not pushing it. We decided to just keep doing it while we are at home for now and let him tell us if he needs to go while we are out and about and will sit him on the potty and see what happens.
I am totally amazed by our boy. I felt like he might be getting ready to use the potty, but had no plans to start anytime soon. I have 2 weeks off work in March, so I thought that maybe I would start then, after all winter is not a great time to potty train. All the extra layers he has to wear to keep warm does not make pottying very easy. But as usual our son has his own ideas about it all. It is so cute to see how proud of himself he is!
J bought him his first underwear the other day, but I think they are going to be too big! She got the smallest size, which was a 2 T, but they look pretty big to me. He hasn't worn them yet, just pants or PJ bottoms but I'm planning to see how he does with them when we are home tomorrow.

Last week we went to the mall to get some Xmas shopping done and spent most of our time hanging out around Santa. He was fascinated by all the action around the big red guy and we kept going back to check it out and he waved and called 'HI' to Santa. I asked him if he wanted to sit with Santa and have his pic taken. He started by saying 'NO!', but after the 5th or 6th visit to say hi to him he said yes. So as there was no line I thought we'd give it a shot! Now our son is incredibly shy and it worked out pretty much the way I had expected!!!

Yep! He was not impressed! Luckily it was very quick and as soon as I picked him up he was fine. I couldn't resist getting the pic so that we have it, but it's very different from last years pic here We are headed to a Christmas party on Saturday where Santa is going to make an appearance so it'll be interesting to see how he reacts.