Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tongue tie

Baby N has been tongue tied since he was born. We went back and forth over what to do about it but the last time we saw our midwife she gave us the number of a dentist they recommend. Being tongue tied has made nursing painful for J and takes a really long time as baby N can't use his tongue properly so has to compensate with his lips. As he gets older it could cause problems with his speech development and as he can't stick out his tongue he wouldn't be able to lick an ice cream cone.
We headed to the dentist to have him assessed. The dentist took one look at him and said that he had a true tongue tie - one of the tighter ones he'd seen. So we decided to go ahead with the procedure to fix it. It wasn't easy to watch, but i think i was way more freaked by the whole thing than J or baby N. It was over quickly and J nursed him right away and felt a difference in his latch.
He has been so happy since we got it done and now has a new trick!!!

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  1. I frequently see patients whose parents opted NOT to have the clip - and they regret it! (I'm a speech pathologist). Glad you are happy with your choice...N will be grateful down the road, I promise! If it was that tight/close to the tip, you are almost guaranteed to have been looking at a looooong course of speech therapy!

    Here's to lots of happy nursing and plenty of phone calls from classroom teachers to tell on N for sticking his tongue out at inappropriate times! :)