Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Still Waiting

It's funny how everyone that is trying to get PG states that they live their life in two week blocks. I usually do too. Except this week, I feel like the OV sticks and the fertility monitor are my best friends. I'm living in a single day kind of mode. How quickly can day 14 get here? I wake up in the morning and have a lovely chat with the fertility monitor - what day is it today? Will you be on the first square or second? Then after inserting the stick into the monitor, I either grumble because it is so finnicky or tap my foot impatiently waiting for the five minutes so the results will display in the window.

Then it's off to work and the regular routines of the day. By the end of the day, I am looking for my second new friend, the Clearblue and Easy OV sticks. I prefer the digital because I love to see my friend smile up at me rather than try to determine the mood based on the "color" of the stick. Today is only day 11, so hopefully only 3 more days to go. I think that would be so funny to have insem on July 4th. The Brit keeps saying that that would be so American to conceive on Independence Day. Oh well honey, for baby number 2 we'll try for Boxing Day or Mother May Pole Day or I'm the Queen Day (whatever you all celebrate in the Motherland). So yes, I think I will show up at the doctors with sparklers and dressed in red, white and blue. I might as well be festive for the occasion!

I just found out that my other American friend (Mxx) who now lives in England is ten weeks pregnant! Yay! After a few bouts of IVF, it has paid off! I'm sure she is already decorating the room with all sorts of American paraphenalia. Now all she needs to do is send those baby-making vibes this way!

That's it for now. Only 18 more days until the Brit comes home! That is if THE FAMILY doesn't change their mind! Bye!

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