Friday, June 26, 2009

Missing My Honey

So the Brit has me hooked on reading blog posts. I used to snicker everytime she told me about little "so and so". I would ask innocently who is that? All the time trying to rack my brain if this was a friend she told me about that I should remember. But, alas, it was one of the little kids on the posts. The Brit is hooked and talks about these families as if they are long lost friends. I used to think she was crazy. (The operative word here is "used to")! Not only have a begin to read these blogs as if they are the modern Days of Our Lives, but now I am understanding that we are so not in our journey alone. Thanks Brit - ya got me hooked! So when people ask me what I am going to do with my summer off - I should just respond "Blog-hopping"

We are moving into our third time with IUI this month. I am the lucky one trying to conceive. With rounds 1 and 2 unlucky and no results, I found any reason to deny why it couldn't happen. The latest is that it is all an insurance conspiracy so they can get my money! I know - crazy. Anyway we are on round three. Just finishing up day 6 of my monthly. I am going to use the fertility monitor to make sure we don't miss the OV days. The only bummer is that the Brit Nanny is off in Nantucket with "THE FAMILY" for three weeks. Totally stinks and I do miss her so much. Hopefully time will pass. Maybe I will have a great present for her when she comes home! Luv ya Brit.

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