Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Something New

Everytime I log onto this blog, I notice something new. The Brit is a team member now and that is dangerous! She is changing pictures, stats, backgrounds and everything else under the sun! Haha! It looks great cutie. I love the pics of the bootie. Can't wait until you come home. I bet you will have two perfectly sized booties for the future Boobala :)

Tomorrow morning I go for some blood work to check out the progesterone level. Hopefully it will be up there. I've been a good girl and have been taking my vitamins. I'm doing yoga (go me!) and learning how to just "be". So hard for one who constantly needs a plan. Ah, whatcha going to do. This is my first summer off since I was like 12?!?! I don't know, but you get the hint.

Oh forget to say that there were 12 million little George's in both sessions. I guess like the Brit says, you save the best for last! So let's hope that George meets Gertrude (yes, I've decided to name my egg) and they do what needs to be done. It has been a full moon after all!

Well off to let the kid in. Keeping positive. Can't wait to see ya Brit! xoxoxo

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