Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kicking Right Along

So, can ya believe we are in the third trimester babe? Time seems to be going so fast. I can't believe our little man is going to be here in like three months! So cool and exciting. Since I am stuck in south due to the stupid snow up north, I have become just like the Brit --stalking everyone's blogs and looking up everything about babies via the internet. Do you know that there is nothing that she doesn't know?!? Seriously, if you have any kind of question, she knows the answer. Just ask... Anyway, so I am looking at what to expect for the third trimester and one of the things they tell you to do is that whole business about finding some time to lie/sit down and count the kicks/movements/etc. I started cracking up because this football player or soccer player doesn't need to wait for me to sit or lay down. He is kicking up a storm. Ten kicks in an hour?! Sheesh, try ten kicks in like three minutes. I can't wait to see this little dude. He is going to come out swinging!

The bummer thing about being stuck in the south is that we are missing our first birthing class. I told the Brit to go solo, but she wasn't having it. So what if you aren't the preggie one babe? I am sure that some sweet person would have taken you under their wing, especially cuz you would've been the token girlie! Either that or you could have paired up with the instructor. Good brownie points. Coincidentally, it is probably good that we are not there. We get to miss the whole boring introduction - what are the fears, what are your concerns, what birth is really like...etc. Hey, I watch tv, plus I live with Ms. Baby Britannica, so I know the real deal. Hearing about it and living it is a different story. Birth plans, shots, eye goop, massaging unmentionable parts, things coming out of your body that I never knew existed.... Yeah, so don't need to worry about that until I am in labor, ya know!

I personally am more concerned with the kind of toys this kid will have. I am all about noisy Fisher Price things. That's only because selfishly those are things that I want to play with..hehe. Yes, I still am a kid at heart. Just saw a commercial for a toy called the Rumble and Learn Driver. It has the cool little steering wheel, a horn and lots of fun car noises. What fun! haha.. The Brit will say, "Sure we can get it hon, just keep it down at grandmas."

I know, see what happens when you are bored? So, one more day of this and back home. Never thought I would actually be craving the normalcy of the work day! Can't wait to see the Brit. Totally miss the massages, hugs and kisses! Ciao for now.


  1. Hope your parents have plenty of room for all the noisy toys they are going to be storing at their house!!!
    Can't wait to see you and feel the little football, soccer, baseball player kicking.
    Love you. xoxo

  2. Third trimester already?? Wow, time does fly, huh? Whoo-hoo!