Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fever boy

It feels like my kid is never going to get back to a full (4 day) week at school again! 
School was canceled thursday and friday last week because we had well over a foot of snow. He had school on Monday and it was canceled again on Tuesday because of yet more snow and then he got sick.

He woke a lot during the night starting soon after he went to bed on tuesday and by 3.30 wednesday morning he had a raging fever. I gave him some medicine and led in his bed with him trying to convince him that sleep was really what he needed until he finally dropped off at 5. Just as J was getting up for work I was calling school and emailing his teacher to let them know he wouldn't be in. I crawled back into bed at J headed out the door   :-(   She had been home since thursday too and it was very sad to have her back at work. 
N got up at around 8.30 still feeling hot - I don't really take his temp unless I feel like it's really high as I don't like to start obsessing about the number. I gave him more medicine and he starting to complain about his ear hurting. We have been so lucky with N, I can count the number of doctor sick visits he has has on one hand, but I wondered if he had an ear infection so we headed to the drs. There his temp was 100 even, both his ears were clear and a strep culture was negative so it's just a cold. 
He is still warm this morning, so no school again. The sad thing is that today is his rescheduled valentines party at school so he has to miss that too. Luckily I sent all the valentines that he made for his friends in on Monday so they will be handed out for him and his teacher will collect his. To be honest he probably doesn't even realise there is a party, I din't talk that much about the party because the weather was not looking good last week anyway! 

There have been quite a few changes over here in the last week culminating in a whole lot of ugly crying from me over the weekend. I'm so grateful to my wonderful wife who weathered the storm with me, picked me up and held everything together while I truly lost my shit. I don't deal with change all that well, guess I like a somewhat orderly life and changes with work, vacation plans, TTC and a very willful 3 year old all at the same time threw me for a loop. I did write a post about it, but am still not sure how much of it I want to share. Cliff notes are that we have 9 frozen embies (still waiting for biopsy results on them), my hours at work have been cut, we had to move our vacation up to March and aren't doing a transfer this month. 


  1. Oh no to all of the above! I hope N is feeling better. Poor little fella.

    Early vacation, though not exactly full of relaxation, might be a good thing in the long run. Will be nice to not have it looming over your head while scheduling transfer in April and will probably be nice to get away from the harsh March weather and enjoy a bit of sunshine. Good luck on the biopsies of the Nifty Nine ;)

  2. What a bummer to have a sick little one. That last picture is so sad. Hope he is completely recovered soon.

    Hope your transfer date comes quickly! Glad your retrieval is over with!

  3. Poor little guy. I'm sure the Florida countdown is in full swing now! Nothing like a little sun and warmth to fully knock the sickness out :)