Wednesday, March 5, 2014

N update

I feel like I've taken over the blog with TCC stuff so thought it was time for a N update. 

He is feeling lots better - but was kind enough to share with me and I passed it on to J. Just so she wasn't left out ;-) 

N went from taking no classes to being enrolled in gymnastics, basketball and soccer. He is loving gymnastics and can often be found tumbling around the house. We got to watch a class recently and enjoyed seeing what he does while he is there. The coaches were surprised to hear that this is his first gymnastics class as he has caught onto everything so quickly and does a good job of following the instructions. N gets a little confused between basketball and soccer and can be found kicking the basketball and attempting to dribble the soccer ball! I personally think that the basketball looks a little boring as there is a lot of time standing on their colored dot waiting for a turn to dribble and shoot. I have seen him 'accidently' dropping his ball so he can run around the gym trying to catch it. Soccer is more active and he has an English coach (that he thinks talks funny!) so you can't go wrong there ;-)

I have also been trying to get him back in the pool. He is very cautious in the water and definitely forgot that he was swimming so well last summer. It took some coaxing to get him in the first time and he cried until I managed to get him through the fear. If we leave it too long between swims he goes backwards a little. We had to take a break to wait for his wetsuit to arrive as he gets super cold, quickly and if I'm going to all the effort to get us in there we are staying more than 10 minutes!! Now I just have to figure out a way to be warmer myself and we will be able to work on improving his skills. It's hard to believe that last summer he was jumping in and swimming, as well as diving down to retrieve things from the bottom of our pool. I'm sure he will be back there by the time we open out pool again this year. 

School is still going well - if you don't include the getting up part! I'm always glad when Friday rolls around and I don't have to wake him up. J went to his parent teacher conference last week and his teacher said that he's doing well. He still hangs back a little and they are working with him on inviting friends to play with him instead of choosing to play alone. She also said that he has a great imagination, but that his pretend play can get a little out of hand. Or in other words his pretend sword play can go a little too far. He is doing well at rhyming words, can identify most of the letters and counts with one to one correspondence when appropriate. Still working on beginning sounds but he can now write his name and a number of other letters too. Now that I'm not working as many days I'm trying to work on more play dates to fill our afternoons.

While N is a lot of fun he is definitely pushing the limits and my patience frequently. We are working on doing a better job at listening, he has already started talking back and the annoying habit of copying everything you say. He is also trying his hand at playing us against each other to see if he can get what he wants from the other mom, when one has already said no!. I really thought we had a little longer before we saw those not so desirable habits - but I guess our boy likes to keep us on our toes! 

We took him bowling for the first time and he loved it. It was a lot of fun for all of us and was a nice glimpse of the things we will be able to do now that he is getting older. Thank goodness he gave us the excuse we needed to use the bumpers! J and I were both a little rusty and used them a couple of times ourselves. He handled the ball well and even started to follow his throw with his customary slide on his knees. I see a lot of holes in the knees of his pants in our future with that one :-) There were only a couple of occasions when we wondered if his ball was going to make it all the way down to the pins as it was moving so slowly. 

Just a few more days are we are leaving on a jet plane for sunnier skies :-) We are trying to balance our trip to Florida with lots of fun things for N and some down time for the moms too. We will be staying with J's parents so hopefully we can squeeze a date in there too!

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  1. Yea the back talking and playing moms against each other is SO age appropriate! Good luck, as the manipulation skills increase with age ;)

    He looks like a natural at gymnastics! Great form, N!!!!

    Excited for your trip to sunny Florida! Hope everyone has a GREAT and RELAXING time...then get back here and make a baby, okay?!?!?! ;)