Sunday, March 23, 2014

Babysitter sucess

Today we hired our very first babysitter for N. He is almost 4 (7 weeks tmrw!) and we have only ever left him with family or 3 very close friends. We had tickets to see the Long.Island.Medium and with J's parents in FL and probably needing to hit up our friends for help soon, we decided to bite the bullet and hire a sitter. We've been saying for ages that we need to find a sitter so we can go out on dates more often, but the cost and finding someone we trust has always been the drawback. Which is kind of funny considering that I was babysitting at 12 or 13 (and was totally fine) but wouldn't think of having anyone that young to watch N.

Our sitter is the son of the other nanny at my job. He is a really sweet 18 yr old college student and I've known him for years. The kids at work often ask if he can babysit them as they have so much fun with him. N wasn't that keen on the idea and asked lots of questions about who would be home with him - one of us, the sitter's mom whom he knows really well or the kids. And he has slept so badly the past couple of nights that I wondered if it was some kind of anxiety about it all. But none of us needed to worry. It turned out so well, the sitter said that N was great and really funny. Even better, N asked if the sitter could come and live at our house, if that isn't a great seal of approval I don't know what is!!

J and I had a great afternoon and both really enjoyed the show. It was amazing to witness other people getting messages from family members or friends that have crossed over. I told J in the car that I needed to bring tissues in with me and then forgot. I know I shed lots of tears during the show and wasn't the only one! I didn't go there with any expectations that we would get readings, our seats were not close enough to the stage, I just wanted to see the experience for myself and was so happy that I did.

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