Friday, September 26, 2014

Pregnancy brain!

I've had a major case of pregnancy brain. Last week  I took the big boy to soccer and left the van door open for the whole hour and fifteen minutes we were there! Luckily it's a pretty safe community so it wasn't that big a deal and I was fully prepared to blame it on one of the kids ;-) 

Yesterday I lost 2 of the 3 dogs at work. I let them out, checked on them after 10 mins and they had disappeared, which often happens. So I decided to wait longer to see of they showed up ( like they usually do). Well I forgot about them and didn't go and look for them for an hr. 

I often ask the kids questions and forget the answers right after they tell them to me! I'm finding that I have to write myself notes to remind me of things which I'm so not used too. 

I'm staying at work this weekend and have managed to keep track of the dogs and kids so far.  I'm definitely looking forward to getting to sleep in my own bed tonight. The woman I work with was telling me to take lots of pics of the bump, which I haven't been doing. So here's one I just took at 26 wks! We have to find time to work on the nursery. I thought we would get to it over the summer, but it didn't happen. Guess that's what happens when you have your second (and third)! All we really need to do is get another infant car seat, diapers and wash N's newborn stuff, which we probably have enough of for both babies. Our neighbor has also given us a bunch of her daughter's hand downs so our baby girl won't be totally dressed in blue! 

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  1. Kris had pregnancy brain BAD. I feel for you (and everyone around, including those poor doggies, lol).

    LOVE the bump!!!! Yay!!!!