Thursday, March 18, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been completely crazy. I keep meaning to write it all down but by the time i sit down at the end of the day and check everyone's blogs i'm just too tired to write anything here.

We had major storms in NJ last weekend and this resulted in us having no power for 4 days. It was no fun to have no power, no heat and finally no water. Luckily a friend came over and helped me get the basement ready for all the rain as we knew it was going to flood. I brought most of the baby's things up and was surprised by how much stuff we have already. Everywhere i turned there was more baby stuff and that wasn't even all of it. Anything that was already in plastic tubs stayed in the basement and swam in the few inches of water that accumulated before the generator was set up to keep the pump going. We stayed at the house the first night hoping they would fix the problem quickly, but it wasn't happening so we headed out to warmer places with electricity!

As if dealing with the storm wasn't bad enough poor J has also been pretty sick. What we thought to begin with was a cold ended up being pneumonia that she needed a course of antibiotics to shift. Obviously they couldn't x-ray her to see what was going on, but the dr said that it sounded like she had a fair amount of fluid in her lungs. Luckily it looks like she's finally on the mend and we're really happy about that.

The girls at J's work threw her a surprise baby shower. It was so cute of them to do that and of course bubala got lots of gifts. Some people picked off of our registry. And lots of people gave clothes, luckily mostly in big sizes. We have so many clothes for this kid that we won't need to shop for a couple of years!

We went to the midwives on Monday and had a great visit. I was really excited to hear that the baby is head down and to find out that what we've been feeling is his butt! I kind of thought it was a foot, but it felt too round. Now i know what it is it makes more sense. His heartbeat was 132 beats per minute and as always i loved listening to it. We also heard the placenta working away while she was looking for his heartbeat. The midwife talked a little about the delivery and positions that may be helpful, along with some tips for my role in the whole thing.

Tonight J is at a breast feeding and baby care class that they midwives run. If she didn't go tonight her next chance would have been May 20th, but we thought that may be cutting it to close. As that's our due date!!! I'm down in Florida with work. It's freezing down here, think it was warmer in NJ today. I'll be here for 10 days and am hoping it gets a little warmer soon. I'm going to miss one of our birthing classes but hope to be back in time for the hospital tour. I'm going to write about our class another time as it's definitely been an interesting experience!!

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  1. Oh, wow, I'm sorry you had to deal without electricity and water for so long! It's been like that in my area (Queens) from the crazy rainstorm, but luckily it didn't affect me!

    I'm glad your baby is doing so well!