Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby love

For some, others weren't so keen!
I took my charges to a birthday party this afternoon and ended up offering my help to one of the moms there. She was having a hard time balancing her 3 month old with her very jealous 5 year old daughter, so i took the baby for her. Any excuse to get my hands on a little baby! He was so cute and was happy to be held by me and check out all the goings on at the party. My big boy on the other hand wasn't so happy about the arrangement. He'd play for a while, come over and see me with the baby, say 'baby up, me up'. Settle for a hug and go off and play for a while longer, before coming back to repeat the previous routine. He loved playing with the baby's car seat and helped me buckle the baby up once he'd fallen asleep. The other moms at the party were joking about me being the baby whisperer. And those that know that we're having a baby asked if i was getting some practice in. The baby's mom asked if i'd go home with her...i told her i'd love too, but that my boss probably wouldn't be happy.
I didn't make the midwife appointment on Monday as they changed the time because of a emergency c-section. But all checked out well. Bubala was sleeping so his heart rate was 128 bpm until the midwife woke him up with some pokes. He wasn't happy about that and kicked J all the way home! He's now lying transverse, having flipped since the last visit. I had told J to ask whether or not they advise taking evening primrose oil. Of course i hadn't really filled J in on what that question was about and she was a little shocked with the response. The midwife did recommend that she starts taking it, as i'd read that it's supposed to help soften the cervix, so she wrote down doses and dates for taking them. She starts taking them by mouth, then starts inserting them (the part that got me in trouble!) Apparently i'm banned from reading any more pregnancy books and threatened with having my computer taken away. What's a girl supposed to do with all the time i spend waiting for my boss' to get home after the kids are in bed?!

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