Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hospital tour

I made it back from Florida in time to make our hospital tour last night. There were lots of us on the tour, but it was really cool to look around the place. Also a little scary to think that before too long that is where our little one will take his first breath. It makes it all seem so much more real!
I love the hospital. It's pretty small and they don't have a NICU, if that was needed mom and baby would be transferred to a big box place. But it does support our desire for a natural delivery. They have 4 birthing tubs, 2 smaller ones and 2 big ones. The rooms are all private apart from the room where women recover from a c-section. .
The hospital doesn't really have a nursery. All the checks done after birth are done in the delivery room. The baby stays with mom all the time, which is something we wanted. Nurses will take the baby to give you a break if they aren't busy, but i can't imagine wanting him to be away from us.
I'll be able to stay the whole time and they have this pull out chair for me to sleep on. They also don't have official visiting hours but i'm not sure how many people we're going to tell that we're there. J's parents will be there, but i'm not sure that we want to be inundated with visitors. We'll have to see though. Once word gets out that bubala has arrived we may not be able to keep the fans at bay!!
I spent my day off today catching up on jobs around the house and hanging out with my honey. Back to work tomorrow and hopefully it won't take long to get back into the swing of being back in NJ. Hope i don't have to work late as we have a midwife appointment and i'd like to be able to go along.

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