Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The weather here in Florida has finally started to warm up. Yay!!
We're spending our days swimming, playing and driving around on the golf carts. It's been fun but i'm definitely getting ready to head for home. I think the big girl misses having her friends to play with and gets bored with just me and her brother for company.
The little man is wild. You can tell that i had 2 weeks off and his usual boundaries were not enforced. He is also sooo becoming a 2 year old. Learning how to throw tantrums with the best of them ;-) We are frequently not included in 'family' activities as his parents don't want to deal if he has a melt down. The truth is he really isn't that bad, he's a toddler and some of this stuff is to be expected. Some of it can be avoided with a little forward planning.
We went to an event at their beach club the other night. It was a carnival and the poor little guy was so overwhelmed by all the noise, lights and activity. All he wanted was to be carried around and reassured that all was well. At 33 lb that's no longer an easy task and i sure was sore by the end of the night. These kind of club events are so strange to me. I guess it's because i didn't grow up in that kind of environment and really didn't know what a nanny was until i became one. You look around at all the families there and you see the parents, a couple of kids and trailing behind is the nanny, carrying all the kid related stuff or pushing a stroller.
I keep joking that we're being 'voted off of' everything..the beach, the boat, the pool, the club. You name it we've been sent home from it! Hopefully as he gets older they will get over it and he'll be included in more of the activities his sister and parents are doing.

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