Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year!

We took N to see his first movie today. He lasted for just over an hr. Which was longer than either of us expected. Just enough time to eat his popcorn, take in some of the movie and then he was asking to go home!

We've played in the snow some more - even managing to get some sledding in. We are now looking for a better sledding hill close to us so we can test out the new sled we bought. It's big enough for all of us to take runs together!

I even found myself checking out the trail map for a local ski resort....right after I saw a youtube movie of an 18 month old snowboarding! Maybe I won't have to wait so long for my snowboarding buddy after all :-)

N's first snow angel!

J went back to work on Monday and was off again today, and she'll be back at work tmrw. I know that I'm going to miss having her home and N probably more than me! He was a bear on Monday morning when he woke up and realized she was gone. We went to a moms club count down to noon party and he spent the first 30 mins clinging to me, the next 5 mins walking around with a plastic container on his head so he 'couldn't look at anyone!' Before finally hitting his stride and playing with the other kids, eating snack and making a noise maker craft.
We are off work until Monday, I'm going to have to keep us busy so that he doesn't miss his mommy too much!

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  1. I am sure little dude will be shredding some powder with you before you know it!!! :)