Friday, January 11, 2013


I woke N at just after 9 to get him ready to go and see the school. He was perfectly happy when I woke him and through breakfast, but he wasn't too happy about getting dressed. He started to say that he didn't want to go to school and I think my heart skipped a beat! I managed to wrangle him into his clothes and out to the car we went.
Luckily school is only 2 minutes away, we could walk to it, which would be nice on the way there but the huge hill that would be so easy to walk down, would not be fun on the way back up! I rang the bell to be let in and then waited and waited some more....hmmm not a great start, especially as it was cold this morning. N was happy to check out the mural on the wall so he didn't seem to notice. Finally the door was answered and I was told the director wasn't there...hmmm strike 2. We were shown to her office where we ditched our coats and hung out for a while until the 2 yr old teacher came and took us down to look at the classroom.
The director arrived while N was checking out the toys . She's a very sweet Irish woman who has been at the school for 20 years. N continued to look around, venturing away from me and then coming back to grab my hand and make sure that I was close by. After about 10 minutes I told N that I was popping up to the office with the director and would be back in a bit. He didn't bat an eye, just carried on playing as I walked out the door on unsteady legs. LOL
We chatted about the school, it's history, the teachers and the curriculum. I told her about N, his personality, likes and dislikes and our family. I guess it's the first of many times that I'll have to out our family at school. Overall I liked the school - it's certainly not my dream school. But $14,000 a year for the preschool that the big boy goes to is so NOT happening! The building is older and the facility isn't up to date or state of the art, but it was really clean, quiet and calm. Both of the teachers in what would be N's class were really nice and all the staff have been with the school for over 10 years, so that's a pretty good sign. They have a low teacher to child ratio at 1-7, even though our states requires 1-10. On the busiest day they have 10 kids, so it's quite a small class. Most of all N had a great time! He was so happy to show me all the things that he'd played with while I was gone. When I told him to say goodbye to the teachers he offered up hugs (unprompted) - which is so not like him. He is pretty tight with his hugs and kisses, even with us!
I was told that we could have a trial run before signing the contract, so I could drop him off for a couple of morning session and see how it goes before committing. They are also pretty flexible about making up missed days so that's great as my work schedule can get a little crazy sometimes when the kids are off school or sick. So I think we are going to try that next week and go from there!


  1. This all sounds very promising!!! So proud of N for letting you slip away for a bit to talk to the director. Well done little chap ;)

  2. How exciting! We did a preschool tour yesterday. It seems like just yesterday our girls were itty bity newborns! I hope the trial day goes well :)