Saturday, January 5, 2013

Skater boy!

We took N to open skate at the local roller rink tonight. He did so well and we all had a great time. He skated for about 45 mins, which was longer than either of us expected to last for. He has his own skates that I originally bought for the big boy last year, but as they were too small I kept them for N. He has been mostly using them around the house, a little outside and at a roller skating party that we took the kids to in the fall. Tonight J suggested that we go to the rink, so off we went. Parents got to skate for free so we only had to pay for skate rental for us and the entrance fee for N. It was a bargain night out at only $7. Even better J and I managed to skate without falling down and help N when he needed it. When I was a kid I skated in my neighborhood, but J skated at roller rinks and she said this one was like stepping back in time, even some of the music was the same!
I think we will definitely go back again soon. N and I may even try toddler skate on Wednesday mornings or family skate on Sundays so we can all go together. Before we know it N will be skating circles around both of us :-)

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  1. Look at him go! He is going to be zipping through the park this summer :)