Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm off work for the next few days as the family have gone away for a long weekend. It's alright for some ;-)

My favorite thing about being off work is not being stuck to the schedule. We leave home for work around 12 and I feel like the mornings are so rushed. I'm constantly running around trying to get a few things done around the house in between feeding N breakfast, fighting to get him dressed (he would be naked all the time if he could) and playing with him. The biggest challenge that I'm trying to work on right now is dinner prep before I leave. I don't have a set finish time at work, it is dependent on what's happening with the kids activities and whether or not the parents are going out. Which they do on average 4 nights a week. On the nights J finishes before me she picks up N on her way home and the earliest anyone makes it through the door is 6. Not a great time to be starting dinner. Which often means that we end up eating out, picking something up or relying on pre made, packaged stuff- not great for our budget or our waist lines!! So I'm working on having something ready in the slow cooker, or something that is quick to make or just needs heating up. Some days are better than others, the week usually starts out so promising, but tends to taper off as we get further into the week, tiredness creeps in and I get bored of cooking!!

Today N and I worked on organizing his play room. Making room for his Christmas presents and trying to clean up the family room. But it was such a beautiful sunny day, warmer than it has been for ages, so we took a break and hit the playground. We were there for an hour and a half before I called time - as I was getting too cold. Kids just don't feel the cold the way adults do! Of course I couldn't resist pulling my phone out and taking some pics of my favorite subject.

Tomorrow N and I are going to check out a local preschool. After being so sure that I didn't want him to start until sept it's become clear that he needs something more. Every afternoon he becomes a third child and spends his time at the kid's activities and he's so great at going with the flow and for the most part is really well behaved. But he doesn't spend time with kids his own age or have anything that's just his. We've tried music class, soccer, tumbling class, story time and swimming, but haven't found anything that he really loves or willingly participates in for more than half the class. So we thought that he might benefit from a couple of mornings at school. He's pretty excited about going to see 'his school,' but it remains to be seen what will happen when we get there!! As for me, over the past 15/16 yrs I've sent lots of other people's children off to school but I have a feeling sending my own off is going to be a whole different story!!!

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  1. I love free days! First day of preschool was very emotional for me. I tried to be proud of the little INDEPENDENT boy that I was sending into that classroom but Mama-ness took over and I got teary and was overcome by feelings of him not "needing" me anymore :(

    Luckily, adjustment has gone very smooth, for all involved, and LM is enjoying the activities and newfound friends of school and I am enjoying a couple hours to myself in the mornings he is away. Good luck!!!