Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow day

I love snow days, especially when it happens when I don't have to go to work! I don't like to drive in the snow, I only remember having to drive in the snow a couple of times in England. And as my brother pointed out when he was here, I have actually been driving more years here than I did in England. 
We headed out to play while it was still snowing and N wasn't that impressed. We ended up sticking him on a sled and taking a walk and it was really beautiful. We live in such a great neighbourhood, it's one of the things that made us fall in love with our house. But I have to say that I'm always surprised by the lack of kids we see playing outside. There are 3 or 4 families that have kids older than N and 2 that have younger kids, but it's pretty rare to see them playing outside. N has always loved to be outside so when we are home we spend as much time playing outside as we can. 
Today the sun is shining so I'm sure we will head out to play again - maybe we will have more luck with the sledding than we did yesterday. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get a good sled run set up!

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! Looking at the snow covered trees makes me want to curl up with some hot tea. We're 1 of 5 homes with kids on our block and we never see other children playing outside either... I assume they are all inside playing video games, lol.