Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Poor N took a tumble at work yesterday and managed to bite his lip. It's swollen today and looks pretty sore but he's been fine in himself. Trying to keep him quiet so he doesn't open it again is proving to be tough. Our little man is 'all boy' and has to do everything at top speed. Once he gets around the big boy it gets even crazier!
Hopefully it will look a little better by the time Christmas comes around and he's in hundreds of pictures!

I was off work most of last week as my brother, sister in law and niece were visiting. It was great to spend time with them and watch the kids play together. But getting back into the swing of work this week has been tough. It feels like the longest week!! I can't wait until Friday when we are both done for the holidays. My guys are going to FL so other than working Boxing Day next week I'm off until January 6th.

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  1. Oh no! He seems to have taken it like a champ! Hopefully it clears up soon so he can be extra handsome in all the holiday pictures :)