Saturday, May 4, 2013

What a night!

Once upon a time that statement would mean a whole different thing. Sadly now it's totally kid related!!

N fell asleep on the way home from work at about 6.45 last night. I usually try to keep him awake on the 25 min drive. Which usually involves talking, singing and some toe tickling on my part, with the whining, shouting and crying added by N for fun! Last night he just wasn't having any of it - despite telling me that he wasn't going to sleep he was out less than 5 mins from our house!

We pulled in and J came out to meet us, so we debated whether to put him to bed or wake him up. N never goes to bed that early so we knew we had 2 choices. Wake him up and deal with a cranky N and a late night, or put  him to bed and have him wake early. We decided to put him to bed and see what happened. He woke up after an hr, but just because he was too hot. So I used that moment to put a diaper on and tuck him back in.

I gave J her shot and she went off to bed by 8.30. I then decided that I better try and get some sleep so went to bed super early for me at 9. (I'm a bit of a night owl and hardly ever go to bed before midnight.) Luckily N has always run a later than average schedule which means that he's not usually up super early and that works for me/us as I'm not really a morning person and we get a lie in (to sleep late) on weekends! But last night he was up at 1, thanks to a bad dream, I think. He was mumbling about someone hitting and kicking him. Then J got up to him at 1.30, when he was talking about wanting to go home. She ended up bringing him downstairs for an hr before trying to put him back to to bed. But he was wide awake and not interested in sleeping. I took over and she went back to bed while N and I headed back downstairs. We watched some tv, ate snacks and played until 4.30, when I tried to convince him to lie down with me. That wasn't working - he's not a co-sleeper, so I took him to his bed and he was out. Until 7.30 that is - when his diaper leaked, thanks to all the middle of the night drinking I'm sure! I carried him downstairs and now he is sleeping on the couch while I type this. He will get his 12/13 hrs in the end, just not in the most conventional way!


  1. What a tough night. Poor little guy! At what age did he start dreaming? I'm curious as to when we can expect to have nights like this with Grace. Probably sooner than I would imagine.

    1. It's so hard to say when the dreams started as N is a terrible sleeper :-( Only in the last couple of weeks has he been able to talk about them and remember them in the morning.

    2. Poor little sweetheart. I hope he's sleeping better.

  2. Ugghhh those nights are the worse! I think once they get their second wind, there is just no turning back. Thankfully he got some extra on the couch and hopefully that made the day a bit better than the night.