Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day tea

Yesterday N's school had a Mother's Day tea. We only found out that the tea was happening on the schools fb page and didn't know when or where it was so J wasn't able to make it :-(   I eventually found out the details from a note stuck on the door when I arrived to drop N off. (Communication is not a strong point there. Sigh, only a few more weeks!)  Basically they had a room set up where moms and kids could have tea and read a story. I know they separate it from the regular class so moms that are working and can't make it don't have a kid that feels like they are missing out. N and I were the only ones in the room, the director stopped by to take a couple of pics and the art teacher  came in to show me N's project that SHE hadn't managed to get finished. 

As you can see from the first pic I'm training the boy in the art of making the perfect cuppa. Harder than you might think!! Guess some people might say I'm fussy about my tea :-) 

The card and flower his teacher 'helped' him to make. 

We are looking forward to celebrating our boy this weekend at he turns 3. Sob, sob. He is having 2 parties this year. A friend party at an indoor play space and then a small family party at home. Can't believe that he's 3 already... 

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  1. Learning how to make a proper cup of tea is an important life skill! 3 years goes by so fast :(

    We attended the Mother's Day tea party at Little Monster's school today and I was pleasantly surprised to find presents that were actually made by Little Monster. Other than handing the children the craft materials, we could tell it was a child made gift which are the BEST!