Saturday, August 15, 2009

Self-Confirmed Druggie - Not Really

Ha! I just did my first official self-inflicted subcutaneous shot of folli-something or other. I dialed my special number (75 iu) and secretly wished I was dialing up a number on a Sleep-Number Bed. You can indulge in this luxury at your nearest Radisson Hotel. I definitely think the Brit and I need to invest in one of these treasures as I LOVE soft, cuddly beds and she could totally hang on one that is hard as the nearest rock! Ok, well not that hard, but pretty firm none the less.

But, wait! Back to my shot. We just started our 5th cycle of IUI. This one is different because we are using the Gonadtropins for the first time. This will make you produce more than one egg - so the chance of multiples increases slightly. That scared the Brit (of all people). She is Ms. Nanny Extraordinaire, but got a little gray when the doctor agreed, "Yes, we cannot control for only one pregnancy." Secretly, I am thinking how cool that would be to have a bunch of little J's running around. Haha - that is probably why The Brit got a little freaked out! LOL. I just hope something kicks in this cycle and works out. If it did, we would be due at the end of May - a Taurus baby. Both the Brit and I are Taurus signs. So can you imagine? I keep telling her that this is the stuff that Reality TVs is made of. Forget Jon and Kate. Make room for
"J & The Brit - Just Can't Take It!" It would be Jon & Kate meets Super Nanny for the Logo channel! Haha, can't you see the marketing appeal??!

Oh yeah, the shot...I was a good girl and watched all of the how to videos. I would pause, complete the step and move on. Of course, my favorite part was flicking the pen to get the air bubbles out. That would have been a good job for the summer- official needle flicker, dont ya think?

So back to the docs office on Wednesday for more bloodwork and an ultrasound. They will see if we need to increase the dosage of the Folli-whatever it is called. Supposedly the first half of the cycle is slightly shorter so I best order some more Randy Danny to be sent to NJ soon. Should be greeting him in less than two weeks.

Off to watch Law and Order!

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