Saturday, August 1, 2009

Number 4

This morning was the second day of insemination. We have a new donor, affectionately called Daniel by S, but nicknamed Randy by me. So I am combining the two and calling him Randy Danny! Let's hope his little swimmers are feeling randy this go round. 15.9 million and 16.0 million respectively. It is amazing how many more you get when you go for ICI vials as opposed to IUI viles that George was. The typical George expresso shot was 8 or 9 million. We thought we hit pay dirt when we were using the last of George and they said there were 12 million. Woohoo, we thought. Nothing though. So Randy Danny, we're keeping our fingers crossed. I go back for blood work on Tuesday morning. Keeping my fingers crossed that all of these damn yams/sweet potatoes /oysters actually help to raise my progesterone, which is typically just under 6. We need that magic number 8.

The great thing was that my sweetheart was home and was able to come to the appointments like normal. Despite having to work this weekend in LI, she will be home for Monday and Tuesday. We meet with Dr. B on Monday to discuss next steps if Randy Danny doesn't do his thing. This cycle seems to be moving fast - maybe cuz life is moving a little faster these past two weeks. This week will be fun because my good friend T. is coming out and then I'm heading down to Atlantic City at the end of the week. The only super downer is that S. is leaving for Nantucket, yet again, on Wednesday. She will be gone for three weeks. I hope I have a new heartbeat for her to hear when she comes home at the end of August! :) At least she doesn't have to drive up in the truck with her bosses as she sits wedged between two wingey (did I spell that right honey?) and whiney kiddos.

Well off to bed. Happy weekend!

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