Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crazy busy!

We have been really bad bloggers and haven't added anything recently. I was told ages ago that it was my turn and just haven't gotten around to it. But here i am better late than never!
J is back into the groove of things at work and i'm sure it's like she never left. If she's missing the endless days of summer she hasn't said.
As for me. I was jumping up and down for joy when my charge went back to school. Her being back in school means that i'm finally based back in NJ for a while and we get some structure and schedule to our days. She made the transition into the olders class without any problems and her after school activities have filled up too. The little squirt and i are doing a couple of classes too. It was a shock for him to be with kids his own age to begin with and he wasn't sure about it all to begin with. After 2 weeks he's finding his feet and becoming more comfortable with all the activity.
This weekend is looking to be a busy one. We are headed to a friends wedding, followed by a Brandi Carlile concert on Saturday. On Sunday we are going to celebrate a friends birthday with dinner. Then on Monday we are going to see Pink. I know J is really excited. It's going to be great fun. Luckily for me i have Friday off, so that will give me chance to get ready for the big weekend!

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