Sunday, November 3, 2013


N couldn't make up his mind which costume he wanted to wear this Halloween so he ended up in 3 different ones. 3 days before Halloween he started saying that he wanted to be a mouse...but sadly I couldn't come up with a mouse costume without more notice so told him he needed to pick from the mountain of dress up clothes we have at home.

For school he was a dragon who spent lots of time growling at the other kids and staff. I tagged along to watch  the school parade and then helped with his class party afterwards. His class doesn't get to participate in the parade which is at least an hour long. The kids in kindergarten through 8th grade follow the band into town and along Main Street before looping back to school. It's quite a walk for the little ones so they got to trick or treat around school instead and I was surprised by the loot he got.
The party was fun. They made a little pumpkin beanbags, which were so cute and easy to do thanks to the sewing one of the other moms did and had a snack. Before I knew it the morning was over and we had a quick lunch before getting the big girl and bringing her to the Drs for her physical. Why yes, I am the mean nanny that schedules appts on Halloween! She wasn't happy about missing recess and was even unhappier when I took her back to school after her appointment! :-)

We ran a few errands and before we knew it were back at school to pick up the big kids. It was back to their house to change into costume number 2 for N and trick or treat with the kids for a while. N and the big boy had matching transformer costumes for this round. We only trick or treated 3 places but it was certainly not your ordinary trick or treat. First we went to the kids great aunt's house and then headed to the farm to visit the horses and then the cows! We've done the horse barn in previous years but the cow barn was a first this year. The kids love to get involved with milking but were all about the candy this time.

After dropping the kids off with their parents for more trick or treating N and I headed home to meet Mommy, change costumes and met our neighbours to trick or treat our street. There are about 10 houses on our street so it's the perfect number and we spent an hour walking around collecting lots of candy before the rain came. This time N was his favorite superhero Iron Man, minus the mask. 

He got so much candy and we had lots of leftovers as we didn't get that many trick or treaters here. We were actually surprised that the bowl we left out still had some in it when we came back from trick or treating with N. Now I am slowly working my way through it all.....It's so much fun to see N getting more into the holidays this year. He is already adding things to his Christmas list daily so Santa will have plenty of ideas this year :-)

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