Monday, December 9, 2013


Not my best parenting moment on Friday, but I thought it was kinda funny so thought I'd share ;-)

I took N with me on Friday to pick up my hsg films, or cd as it ended up being and drop them off at the RE's office. When we got to the RE's I explained to him that this was a place that was just for grown ups and that kids weren't supposed to be there, so that I expected him to be calm and quiet while we were there. (Our RE has a no kids in the office policy so the TTC patients aren't upset). Luckily we made it in and out without seeing any patients, just the office staff, doctors and nurses.
As we were walking away from the building N looked through the window and into the lab, where we could see 3 people looking into mircroscopes. He asked what they were doing in there and without thinking I replied 'they are making babies!' So now my son probably thinks that is how all babies are made...Oppss!

I'm still waiting to hear from my RE after he looks at the films. I did take a look at the report which said my right tube was totally blocked and not visable on the scan at all. The left tube is occluded with only a little dye visable in the tube and there was no overspill at the other end. I'm expecting him to recommend going straight to ivf and our nurse said that they are starting a study that includes pgd (genetic testing on embryos) in Jan/feb. She thinks I might qualify for it, so I'm waiting for info on that too. 

I'm still feeling a little discomfort on my right side but I think at this point it's related to regular ovulation pain as well. 
I was grateful to get to sleep late today when N's school was canceled due to the weather. He was probably happy too, as a 3-5pm nap yesterday meant a late night for us!! 

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  1. Glad you are feeling a bit better! N will eventually learn that there are many, many, many different ways to "make babies" so I would not worry much ;)

    The study sounds exciting. Sending you peace and energy for baby making decision :)